Do you have a blog? If so…How? Why? What?

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 7, 2013

Category: General

Today I wanted to take a bit of time to talk blogs and blogging.

Blogging for me is a daily part of my what I do but it hasn’t always been that way. When I first started out I decided to get a blog from the word go but in all honesty I did it to put myself under pressure.

Under Pressure?
You see my thinking was, and still is I guess, that if I get into a habit at an early stage of posting to a blog, by default that meant I have to have something to blog about. This forced me each and every week to get out and shoot, to organise photo shoots in the studio and so on.

Today my blog I kind of feel has evolved into a mixture of being a personal diary, a way to show new images, post behind the scenes, recommendations, a way to connect, promote workshops and trainings etc…

I love blogging. To me it’s part of my working day, a habit if you like but aside from that blogging is one of the most important things I do.

I talk a little about this in my Business Class on Kelby Training [Link]and in a video interview with RC Concepcion of the N.A.P.P. and Kelby Training for Light It Magazine [Link]

Playing Devil’s Advocate
For this post though, rather than me talking about why I blog I want to throw it back at you and ask a few questions.

Now I don’t write these questions because I have the answers. We’re all different and do things differently and I’m not suggesting there’s right or wrong answers; I simply ask them with the intention of just making you think…

1) How often do you blog?
So what do you think is a good posting schedule? Me…I think it should be at least once a week.

I see some blogs that aren’t updated from one week to the next. But then all of a sudden it’s like the author gives themselves a kick up the rear and then posts every day for about a week; but then soon enough it fades out to nothing.

Hey it’s your blog right so you can post as much or as little as you like but what I’m getting at here is those blogs from folks who are in business or looking to get their name out there. Β It’s only my opinion but I tend to put myself in the position of a potential client and wonder what they think when they don’t see updates from one week to the next. Is this photographer busy? Are they actually doing anything?

Back in my Bodybuilding days I was always told that it’s consistency not perfection that is key. If you have a blog and you’re in business or you’re just trying to get your name out there then be consistent. Commit to posting once a week but make it the same day each week. If you do that often enough you’ll soon develop a following but here’s the thing…those followers will expect to see a post on that same day each week and if you miss it then they’ll forgive you (for want of a better word) once but then if it keeps happening they’ll disappear without a trace.

If you’re going to blog twice a week, then make things easier for yourself. Go for Monday and Friday. Why? Well it gives you all weekend to come up with Monday’s post and all week to come up with Friday’s post.

2) Why do you have a blog?
Do you have a blog because you love writing and sharing or do you have a blog because, well..everyone else seems to have one?

I’d argue that if you’re not posting to your blog on a regular basis then why have one? Again…I’m talking to those folks who are in business and looking to get their name out there rather than those folks who write one for themselves and their family, friends.

3) What are you blogging?
Again it’s your blog and you can post as much or as little as you want as well as posting whatever you want but I still think you have to have some consistency and relevancy (is that even a word?)

And Finally…
Blogs are a very personal thing and like I mentioned before I tend to use mine mainly as a diary so I’ll post all kinds of things from new pictures, behind the scenes, tutorials, what’s going on, promote workshops and trainings…generally all that’s relevant to me and and what I do BUT I also will post personal stuff that has no relevance to Photography or Photoshop at all.

This is just something I’ve been thinking about for some time now and something that’s pretty close to my heart.

There’s no right or wrong answers; there’s no right or wrong way to do things…it’s what works best for you. BUT, and this is the last thing I’ll say on the matter, if you’re in Business and looking to get your name out there, just be aware that going weeks and weeks without posting could be causing you more harm than not having a blog at all.


Have a good one and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

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  1. Miguel Campos

    Well I have a Blog and I post about once a week.To be fair, I think I should blog more often than that, but the case for me is like, what shall I blog about.
    As I blog about Photoshop, and also about my tutorials, I try to be as original as I can, I don’t want to do a tutorial that another 1000 people already posted on YouTube, therefore after I record a tutorial I am thinking about the next one πŸ™‚
    So for me to blog more often I would have to blog just like you, like a diary.But hey, my life is not as exciting as yours, and I don’t want the world to know how boring my life can be πŸ˜€

    The reason why I created my blog is the same why I have nearly 100 videos on Youtube, to share some of my knowledge to those who need some help.And the reason I do that is that when I was stuck with something there was someone out there with the answer, so I want to give back πŸ™‚

    I think I answered all the questions πŸ™‚
    Luckily there are no wrong answer, uff πŸ™‚

    Take care mate, hope to see you soon.


  2. Mike Croshaw

    Great post! I blog at least once a week, and like you said, it motivates me to keep shooting ( which I do, at least once a week usually, which is quite hard to fit around the day job and family life ). I really enjoy it, and the audience has been steadily growing. It started as a way to document the shoots I was doing as I was starting out and became a way to pass on the knowledge I was picking up as a beginner learning this stuff. Its gradually becoming more personal now as well, which I hope makes it more interesting. I’m a firm believer in sharing knowledge without restrictions, and my blog is my way of doing that.

  3. Morgana

    Thanks Glyn, your timing is perfect. πŸ™‚

  4. Bob Bell

    Yeah, what Morgana said! I definitely need to set myself targets/projects as I know for a fact it works. I’m part of a daily challenge on Instagram and if I miss a day I feel like I’m letting myself down and so work harder to get back on track and keep going.
    I’ve been thinking about starting a blog and also my own Facebook page recently but kind of worry it’ll get lost in the Internet but like you say, if I can show consistency then I’ve always got somewhere to point people if I want to show what I can do, and it’s better than doing nothing, right?

    Nice one Glyn πŸ™‚

  5. Stuart Cosgrave

    Good post Glyn, some good tips/reminders for us all. Cheers, Stu

  6. Alex | pixellovers

    Hi Glyn,
    Thx for this as well as for all other posts you are sharing with us regularly on your blog! With your posts you are doing a really good service for all photographers and creative people out there.
    We always enjoy to read your posts, see your pictures and watch your shooting and behind the scenes videos!
    So you give us a good insight in your daily business and motivate and inspire us with it.
    I think that your recommended quantity of 2 posts a week is absolutely enough as it sometimes is really hard work to do all the preliminary work for a single post.
    Currently we are also working on setting up our blog for our business and private shootings.
    Our reason for using a blog? To inform, inspire and entertain our followers with our shooting pics, recommendations and tips.
    What else we are doing is posting (mostly) regularly to our facebook fanpage, upload pics on instagram and 500px and pin to our boards on pinterest.
    Our future blog can be found in about 21 days on
    We’re looking forward to be as consistent and professional as you are and would be glad if you then could give us feedback or also comment on our posts! We would also love to post an article about you and your work, it would be great if we could also use some of your photos for it.
    Thanks for your motivation!
    Best regards,
    Alex from pixellovers – in love with pixels

  7. Lee Love

    Glyn, this is good stuff and I am so bad about updating my blog. I often feel like I don’t have any thing worth saying or when I do it sounds like bragging. ” I am doing this or I did that shoot…” and while I want my clients to know I am up to at the same time I want it to be more genuine.

    I would be curious to hear how your clients respond to your content. Because you do both training and client work you can show Photoshop techniques but I think many photographers forget their audience. My target audience is not other photographers.



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