On Location: Donald the Sheep Farmer

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 31, 2020

Category: Photography

This past Saturday I was over in South Wales photographing Donald; an 81 year of Sheep Farmer on his farm in the beautiful Afan Valley…

Helped as ever by my great friends Ian Munro and Anthony Crothers this photo shoot was for nothing in particular other than me wanting to get out  and get taking portraits; the lockdown and restrictions has left me chomping at the bit to get out.

As is always the way with every photo shoot there are lessons learned and most if not all are ‘people skills’ based as opposed to technical so I’ll be sharing some BTS in the next post going through some of this.

I just love taking portraits out on location and the challenges they bring, and balancing the natural light and flash to create something natural.

Looking forward to much more of this with a wide range of people for a new project and ‘idea’ I’ll be working on once we’ve moved

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