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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 15, 2015

Category: General

There’s definitely a focus these days in the industry towards the mobile world but despite all the talk of mobile editing on such devices as iPhones, iPads and so on, it’s not something excited about on a Professional level.

Of course you should Never say Never, but as things are at the moment I certainly wouldn’t want to deliver files to clients edited on a mobile device even if it was to give them a rough idea of the final result. However on a fun and convenience level then I’m all for it when it comes to editing pictures using apps such as Snapseed for posting on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Carrying on from yesterday’s post though, the picture below is one that I photographed when we were out walking around the backstreets in Lyme Regis; an area that holds lots of little galleries and craft shops…a haven for artists.

Photographed with my Canon 760D and WiFi’d across to my iPhone 6 Plus whilst having a slice of apple cake and a coffee (not an essential part of the file transfer process).


I seem to be discovering new things about this Canon 760D every day; the latest being how you can connect the iPhone and the camera together just by touching them together and giving you the ability to transfer files, remote shooting and so on. Considering this is marketed as a Beginner’s camera, it has so much on it that would be fantastic on a higher end model too.

Catch you tomorrow,

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  1. GGurls

    Dave, man, love your work… I just bought “tough guy” and completed the tutorial (pic attached). I also bout “the editor” a long time ago and did that one… what I really want to know is how to do more glamour beauty touch up. I own a company called GGurls.com and it’s all about photographing glamour models. I need something cutting edge. Any tutorials I can buy that’ll keep me above everybody else?


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