Eight Wealth Management: 12 Person Group Photo Before / After

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 9, 2016

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Thought I’d kick the week off by sharing a new picture with you…

ewm_v3 This 12 person group is from a recent corporate shoot with Eight Wealth Management, and one that I originally wrote about going through the lighting in an earlier post; you can check it out here [LINK]

Later this week I’ll look at recording a short video to give you an overview of what post processing went into this final picture but just to give you an idea of how it progressed, here’s the original out of camera shot.


Knowing beforehand that I wanted to add in a new wall behind the subjects, in an ideal world we’d have had a large, make that VERY large, grey seamless background but that just wasn’t possible. nor, because of space constraints, were we able to use Inverse Square Law to turn the white studio wall to grey.

Thinking ahead to what could be done during the post production, the best thing we could do was to put what grey seamless paper we did have available, on the floor. This, as was done, could then be extended in Photoshop to make it a much simpler process adding in the new wooden floor.


The most important thing though, as is always the case, was that the out of camera picture was as good as possible so that the only post production was creative and not corrective.

As for the way everyone is positioned in the photo, this was pretty much achieved by default. Once everything had been set up, lights metered and so, i asked everyone to head onto the set and go make themselves comfortable: stretch out, sit back, sit on the arms of the chairs…as opposed to meticulously positioning and posing them. Once comfortable it was just a case of fine tuning so that everyone looked comfortable.

Shooting tethered slowed down the process so we could control the shoot much more and of course see everything on a bigger screen as they came through.

 ewm_v3Right that’s all for today so keep an eye out for the video I’ll be posting later this week.


> CLICK HERE to check out the LARGE version of this picture over on my 500px portfolio page.

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  1. Paul Ciura

    Excellent final product Glyn, as usual. The photo flows great with everyone looking comfortable and not forced with their hands. I’m shooting a lot more corporate type of shots at work these days (full time IT with a side of photography), so seeing this type of a shot sparks up some excitement and ideas for future shoots.

  2. Mario Unger

    Hi Glyn, thanks for the great stuff you give us here 🙂 did i miss the postprocessing Video? I’m very interested in it 😉

    • Glyn Dewis

      HI Mario. No you’ve not missed the post production video just yet. I’m really busy with writing the 2nd book at the moment but will get to recording it in the next week. Cheers for looking in and for asking.

      • Mario Unger

        Thank you Glyn ! can not wait for your 2nd book, i love your first one ! thanks for the quick answer. cheers

  3. Glyn Dewis

    I might just do that mate 🙂

  4. Nethesh Nano

    thanks for this wonderful tutorial really helpful.. keep on posting

  5. Nethesh Nano

    After watching this i’m so interested to watch all your series



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