Experimenting with the Elinchrom Deep Umbrella

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 9, 2017

Category: Photography

If you’re with me on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) then over the past few days you’ll have seen some of the photographs I took last weekend when in Wales at my friend Ian Munro’s studio on the Saturday and then on location at Cardiff Central Railway Station on the Sunday.

Just before heading to Wales I got hold of one of the new Deep Umbrellas from Elinchrom, having seen it in action whilst at Professional Imaging in The Netherlands when I was photographed by my friend Geert Langelaan.

Elinchrom Deep Umbrella

So after we’d finished working through some of the shots I wanted to practice for an upcoming 4 hour class I’m teaching at Photoshop World in Orlando, we had a bit of play with the umbrella.

Now I don’t have any Behind the Scenes pictures showing how I used it so you’ll have to put up with this feeble excuse of a sketch but basically it was directly overhead of Ian…

Elinchrom Deep Umbrella

Because the light was on a boom above Ian I opted to use the Elinchrom RX D-Lite One which is incredibly light (and inexpensive). The umbrella also had the diffusion material fitted.

Here’s the result of a few test shots and early signs are that I’m really impressed with the umbrella. Of course being an umbrella means it packs down well which is great for travel, it’s light and most of all you can set it up quite literally in seconds.

Once I get back from the USA I’ll be putting some time aside to have more of a play with a view to seeing how I can incorporate the umbrella into my own shoots so I’ll keep you posted on that for sure.

In the mean time, you can CLICK HERE to see a LARGE version of this portrait of Ian over on my 500px portfolio page.

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