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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 15, 2014

Category: General

Hi Everyone

Well Friday’s here again meaning the weekend is upon us; got much planned?

Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading down to the Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Dorset to spend a few hours taking some photographs for new pictures that I’ll be looking to add into my Animal’s Project.

As I was going to be there and it’s such a great place I also organised a Photo Walk which is more of a social event than anything and there’s a few people who will be coming along to join me which I’m really looking forward to. On that note if you’d like to come along I’ll be there from midday just inside the entrance so you’re more than welcome to come and join; here’s a [LINK]

Today I just wanted to say a THANK YOU to everyone who follows my Facebook page, by having clicked the Like button, as we just went over the 10,000!!!


It’s really important to me that what I share on Facebook is a good mix of not just Photoshop and Photography related posts but also shows a more personal side or rather social side.

The biggest thing for me with social media is being able to keep in touch with friends and people that I meet day to day and at workshops, seminars and functions. Seeing what each other is up to is great and the support and encouragement you can get by sharing as such is invaluable…and of course when I say that I mean the ‘constructive’ and well intentioned responses 🙂

So again, a BIG thanks from me for all the continued support; it’s very much appreciated.

If you’re a Facebook user and would like to connect, here’s a [LINK] to my Page.

Right that’s all from me so have a great weekend whatever you’re up to and I’ll see you back here in a few days.

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