FAKE BIGGER BACKGROUND: Photography and Photoshop Solution

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 28, 2019

Category: Retouching

A few months back I found myself at the Tower of London photographing Yeoman Warder, Scott Kelly.

I’d been invited along as Scott was going to be presenting World War 2 Veteran Jim Hooper (Glider Pilot Regiment) with a cheque on behalf of the Blind Veterans UK Charity; money he’d raised to help with the incredible work that they do.

Earlier in the year I’d photographed Jim for my 39-45 Portraits Project and he’s since become a friend so any chance to meet up with him I’m there, but to also meet up with Scott and great friend Jane Barkway-Harney was an added bonus.

Getting privileged access to the Tower of London was quite something; driving my car into the grounds under the portcullis with Scott escorting me in did feel very special indeed.


The Problem

Once all the public began to leave we ventured out onto a lawned area to take some pictures of Jim and Scott during the presentation of the cheque BUT before that I took some portraits inside and with that came a potential issue. Now, I say potential  issue because this was one of those occasions when Photoshop was most definitely needed and made the impossible, possible and the reason I say this is because the background I was using measures 7′ x 5′ however Scott also had with him the Partizan which is way taller than the backgrounds.


The Solution

Check out the video below from 17:28 and you’ll see how this ‘problem’ was resolved using Photoshop:


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  1. Ruth

    Hi Glyn,
    Pleas would you consider doing a part II to this on how you added the skirting board?

    • Glyn

      Sure thing Ruth; will do 😉

  2. briandunkelphotography

    I’m reading through this article and I’m thinking to myself… Pretty sure I know how he’s going to do this… Just a case of auto-aligning the layers and then masking the top part in. But then you go and add the twist with the Auto-Blend-Layers and you blow my mind. Would have never ever thought about using that. Thats why I love reading your blog, always pick up new and useful things.

    Also, really like the little touch you did in this photo by adding the molding where the wall meets the floor. Think I might have to make a trip to a hardware store and photograph some pieces of molding with my phone to try in my own images.

    Thanks again for everything Glyn 🙂

    • Glyn

      Glad it’s useful mate 🙂


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