Faux Medium Format Portrait

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 12, 2015

Category: General

Today I’ve a new picture to share with you from one of the photo shoots I had on Tuesday, and this one in particular is from a photo shoot I had at Cloverleaf Studios in Crewe…


The technique (that I only just discovered thanks to a friend) is based around what is affectionately known as the Brenizer Method and I’ll look to record a video showing how it’s all done at some point in the future.

Long story short…multiple pictures (in this case 15) taken at a wide open aperture (e.g. f/2.8) photographing close in on the subject and then stitched together to create one complete portrait. A HUGE file is created (this one was just over 5Gb) but the result is incredible detail and depth of field.


Check out the pictures below showing the result zoomed in on an eye; such a great technique for creating images with huge amounts of detail; the kind of which is only usually found in files from medium format cameras.


The picture below shows the lighting set for this shot; although the model James Elmore is shown wearing a change of clothing; one light (Elinchrom 170cm Rotalux Octa) and silver reflector panel opposite…


Check out the Larger version of the portrait over on my 500px portfolio page [CLICK HERE]

As always any questions feel free to make use of the comments section below, but in the mean time, have a good one and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.


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  1. Reinoud

    Hi Glen,

    does this mean the model has to sit motionless between the moment of the first and the last shot?

  2. ben

    Hi Glyn
    Is there any particular reason for using a wide aperture? Is the DoF consistent throughout the subject and do you have to try and maintain the same plane of focus for each shot?

    cheers 🙂

  3. Jesse Mickle

    I’ve used this method before, and I’m curious how you saved a PS file of over 2GB.
    While editing PS kept on throwing out a message that the aforementioned was the file size limit.

  4. Des

    Hi Glyn, love the image can’t wait for the video. What did you do in terms of color grading the image? love the finished colors. It has a nice feel to go along with the medium format look.

  5. Robin Janasek

    Jesse Mickle > All you need is to save the file in .psb instead of .psd. PSB is a large document format which is used to save files over 2GB.



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