Female Portrait: It’s about the light NOT the kit

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 23, 2015

Category: Photography

Another of the portraits I took last week whilst down in Devon at Spillers Farm was of our dear friend Bridget (wife of Keith from the previous post)

I mentioned before that I disciplined myself to take the absolute minimum of kit away with me on this holiday which literally was nothing more than my Anytime Anywhere kit so when it came to taking a portrait of Bridget I didn’t want to create something quite as hard as the black and white portraits I’ve been doing lately.

Bridget has the most wonderful skin complexion and tone so I knew I didn’t want to go for the full black and white treatment; I did however need a little more light than just dragging the shutter was giving me…maybe a little bit of light to fill on the shadows on the opposite side the light?!?!

But how?


Well seeing as I didn’t have my trusty California Sunbounce reflector with me it called for some improvisation and seeing as we were all in the kitchen about to tuck into dinner what better than to use some aluminium kitchen foil?!?!

bridget_btsCheap, simple and does the trick!

Catch you tomorrow,

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  1. jack the kayman

    the foil solution was neat & smart, macgyver like 😀

    how far the lumiquest was? and why you didn’t angle it toward her? did you want the softest light possible using the light spilling from the very edge of the softbox?



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