First Nikon, then Canon…now Fuji???

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 4, 2013

Category: General

Hey Everyone,

Ok so if you’ve been following this site for a while you’ll likely know that I recently changed from being a Nikon user to now Canon.

The Canon 5D Mark III is now my camera of choice and that coupled with the new Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II has made me incredibly happy that I made the switch. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying Canon are better than Nikon or anything like that because I’ve never really subscribed to the whole brand rivalry thing; it was a more a case of what was ‘fit for purpose’ when it comes to how I work.  You can check out my reasoning in earlier post here [Link]

Anyway like I said I’m really pleased with the Canon equipment BUT I do have a negative to disclose…

That negative though isn’t a Canon thing and nor is it a Nikon thing…it’s a DSLR thing.

You see for shooting in the studio and on location I just couldn’t be happier; tethering works flawlessly, the colours, the sharpness, the file size..everything I love it but if there was one thing, well two, I wish I could change it would be the size and weight. Not necessarily for the studio and location work but for general day to day and travelling (mainly on a plane).

Wherever I go I’m taking pictures but if it’s not a ‘shoot’ then 99.9% of the time it’s with my iPhone. I really don’t want to be carrying around a big heavy DSLR especially when my favourite lens is the 70-200mm f/2.8 so invariably that will stay in the camera bag back at home or in the studio and yeah I don’t want to be carrying that kit around when I’m out spending some time with my wife.

At our home we have lots of pictures in frames (8 x 6 and so) that are all from my iPhone which is great but despite how good these camera phones are the quality still isn’t there and there are times I’ll see something or a place and would love to capture it. There are times when we go out and I see something that would make a great location for a background and so on…do you get the picture? Basically what I’m saying is, I want the the pictures I take when I’m out and about when I don’t want or have my DSLR with me, to be pictures that are useable in my work or would make great prints.

Anyway long story short I put the question out across social media the other day asking what camera folks would suggest as a take anywhere alternative and lots of great responses came in and as a result I’m now looking at the Fuji XE2.

I’ve put the order in so it should be with me in a day or 2 and I’m really looking forward to taking it anywhere and everywhere.

As for replacing my Canon, I certainly don’t intend that to happen but hey never say never right? If it performs well, produces great quality, sharp images that suit what I want then who knows. Anyway I’ll keep you posted with how I get on with it and also how it gets on shooting in the studio and on location in future posts. I’m kind of excited to see how it goes 🙂

So what about you? Do you have a Fuji XE2 or anything similar? Do you use it as a second or leisure only camera? I’d be really interested too, to hear if there any of you folks that tend to find your DSLR is taking a back seat as you’re using your Fuji or whatever else you have more often so feel free to email me at or drop a comment below.

In the mean time whatever you’re up to, have a good one and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.


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  1. Andrew

    Hey Glyn,

    I use the Fuji X-E1 paired with the 18-55mm lens and love it. Perfect for travel and great images.

  2. Glyn

    Andrew…Nice one, thanks. Really looking forward to giving this one a whirl especially travelling around. Cheers

  3. Pete Halewood

    Hi Glyn, completely agree with your thoughts regarding the travel. My main camera is the tank-like D700, and though I love this camera, it is cumbersome to take abroad with me on holiday (I only take it abroad if travelling by car through Europe). So I too want to find a camera that can take quality pictures, while being compact and lightweight. Will definitely be looking at the Fuji XE2 now, thanks….

  4. Alistair McNaughton

    What lenses are you going to go with for your Fuji. Be interested to see how it works out as am contemplating a similar move for travel. Fuji or Sony?/???

  5. Glyn

    Pete…No worries mate; keep me posted what you go for 😉

  6. Glyn

    Alistair…The 18-55 for starters but for studio and location work I’ll get the 200mm. Great thing is it won’t look like a rocket launcher in my hands 🙂

  7. Darren

    Canon 1d4 as my main camera when shooting “properly” but not something I want to carry around at other times. I pretty much always have a Fuji X-Pro with me though and have also used it for some studio work. A faster flash sync would be nice but otherwise it’s great.

    • Glyn

      Darren…Yeah it’s the ‘always with me’ about these kind of cameras that appeals. Cheers for stopping by.

  8. DaveT

    Hi Glyn,
    Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the XE2. I was looking at the XPro 1 as I like the hybrid viewfinder. But I have a feeling they may upgrade it next year, so I am holding off at present.

    I had a go with that camera and the 35 1.4 lens and was impressed with it.

    Have a look at Fuji Rumours website for various reports and links to photographers who are currently using the various models and lenses – it may help you decide on what you want lens wise.

    Like you I have been looking for an alternative camera for some of my travels and Fuji may be the route I take. I want portability, size and most of all quality.


    • Glyn

      DaveT…As always thanks for commenting and also for the site recommendation; I’ll def’ check it out.
      Portability, Size and Quality…perfect combination huh 🙂

      Hope all is well,

  9. Bruno Delzant

    I am a Nikon shooter (D800, D700) and recently while at photo show at Paris, I bought the X100s. For the beauty of the object, its weight so light and … its great quality image.
    It’s sure that when you start tasting the FUJI x-series, you start wondering yourself could it be my next “DSLR” ?
    I would say for leisure, yes it is.
    For professional shooter like wedding, more difficult to say.
    It’s AF is good, but not as good as Nikon one, and not as fast.
    But great quality image, even at high iso.
    I would definitively recommend it.

    • Glyn

      Thanks Bruno

  10. Kenneth Sporsheim

    Hi Glyn!

    Im a Pro Concert-Photographer, and use Nikon’s for my work. But i’ve got my self the X100S…and I really LOVE it!! Next on my list is XE-2..Fuji is my big love at the moment. Im not confident enough to use it during a concert, but for everything else, i always use the X100S. I will use the XE-2 for portraits, weddings etc when i get it. And i hope some day i will go all Fuji! 😀 😀

    • Glyn

      Kenneth…Thanks for dropping in mate. I’ll be very interested to see if you do make the leap totally to Fuji; interesting times ahead huh 🙂

  11. Alejandro

    That Fuji really looks fine! I was in a similar dilemma some days ago, but I wanted a camera that I could put in my pockets, which eliminates of the list almost all interchangeable lens cameras, so I considered a P&S instead. Some Sony models seems to be very good… At the end I acquired a Pentax Q7, which is one of the smallest mirrorless cameras in the market including lens size (with the drawback of a small sensor). Was a strange decision, because I’m almost sure is not the best small system out there, but the camera has a dont-know-what I couldn´t resist (and the deal was very good too 🙂 ).
    I’ll glad to read your impressions with the Fuji, looks very promising.

    • Glyn

      Alejandro…Yeah I’ve been really impressed with it just having a little ‘play’ so now really looking forward to getting out with it.

  12. Kev

    I was a dedicated Canon 5D2 shooter, but with a big grip and lens it wasn’t very friendly for either travel or street photography.

    I bought myself an X100, which was fantastic for street, and much less intimidating when I asked strangers if I could take their photograph.

    I liked it so much I bought an X-E1.

    It’s about a year now, and I think the last time I used the 5D2 was London fashion week. Perhaps it is time to sell my Canon gear.

  13. Patrice

    Hi Glyn, like you, I went from Nikon (I loved my D700) to Canon (5D3 and 6D) and now to Fuji (X100S, X-Pro 1 and now XE-2). I got serious back issues and can’t carry heavy gear with me anymore. Fuji was the best combo for weight and picture quality.

    I can’t wait for their 56mm to come out because I shoot mainly portraits. The XE-2 is a great body, the AF speed is what it should have been originally and both the EVF and the back LCD are top quality. The 18-55 is an impressive zoom. I was a bit reluctant to use it initially but it is fast, dead sharp and produces detailed pictures. As you probably know the JPGs are impressive but most of all, the skin colors are the best I’ve seen. Their 35mm lens is also a no brainer as far as I’m concerned. Just to give you an idea on how sharp it is, take a look at the second picture on my site (, the portrait of the young lady. It was taken with the 35mm, at f/4, 1 youngnuo flash in a softbox + a bit of postprocessing in PS to change some colors. I was standing at 3 meters away from the subject. Therefore this is a cropped picture (and I mean seriously cropped).

    The few negatives ? The body isn’t weather sealed, tethering isn’t great but wifi works like a charm. Finally RAW support in LR is ok but still not as good as it should / could be.

    Be careful, once you get used to the X series, it becomes difficult to not fall in love with it. 😉

    Have you seen these portraits taken with the X-Pro 1 and XE-2 ?

  14. Daniel

    Hi Glyn,

    first of all I’m just an amature photographer, no pro like you. So I had the same issues like you with my DSLR…..two heavy and to big. I had the 7D + 70-200 2.8 and it was a dream but the dream staid at home with increased regularity. That’s why I switched to a mirror less camera, in my case a Fuji X-E1 (secondhand) + 2 prime lenses. I got the X-E1 for 400€, which is (in my opinion) quite a good deal. As I don’t need the a super fast focus there is no reason for me to buy the new X-E2. Now I’m happy with my new equipment, the picture qualtiy………

    X-E1 + Fuji 14 2.8 + Fuji 35 1.4

    I hope you will like the Fuji as a lot of photographers already do.

    Regards from Germany


  15. Archie Macintosh

    I used to shoot Nikon. I say ‘used to’, as I now only use X-Pro1 & X100s. Perfect for what I do. (Not sports or nature)

  16. Nishi Sharma

    Glyn, I use Nikon D3 for stills and Canon 5D III/7D for video shoots. Last year I bought a Fuji X100 and fell in love with it instantly. It goes with me wherever I go. The stills shot with it have won a couple of competitions. I jokingly say to my photog friends that this camera has saved my marriage. My carrying the DSLR when we went out used to upset my wife.

    I do weddings and events still prefer to use DSLRs for that, partly because changing lenses is not an option for me when things are happening fast around me. I have a selection of fast zooms, but they make my camera bag weigh a ton and I am not getting younger… So, I am very much drawn towards mirrorless cameras.

    I saw XE-2 on a trade show a few weeks ago and was amazed at its speed of focus in low light. Besides its smaller size, doing a side by side comparison, to me, XE-2 image review looks much better and XPro-1. It will be interesting to see its low-light performance.

  17. rpavich

    I have an X100S and an X-Pro1 but I’d still like to comment if you don’t mind.

    I love the X cameras. they’ve got their quirks and they certainly are NOT like a DSLR, but where they shine, they really do shine.

    It appears that you want a removeable lens camera, so the X100S is out, but I think you’ll love the X-E2.

    Bonus; with adapters, you can use all kinds of great old lenses…check out the Metabones Speedbooster adapter…it focus’ the image from the lens onto your cropped sensor, giving you (in effect) a full frame camera and ONE ADDITIONAL STOP OF LIGHT! So your 85mm f/1.4 stats an 85mm on your crop sensor and the f/1.4 takes in the amount of light of an f/1.

    It’s truly amazing.

    Have fun.

  18. Jan

    I have a X-E1 with the 14, 35 and the normal zoom. The image files are great, even jpgs. The lenses are great quality.

    However, a 5D mk II or III with the 70-200 f2.8 is a different beast. You will not get that kind of images from any APS-C camera.

  19. Mark Dell

    I moved from Canon to a Fuji X Pro1 recently and have loved every minute of the transition

  20. Keith Hammond

    As you know Glyn i shoot gigs, bands, solo artist etc and the workhorses are 2 x D700 with heavy glass so i looked around a while ago for an everyday / holiday camera and after a lot of thought i settled on the Fuji X100, would have gone for the ‘s’ but just as i was about to purchase Fuji launched a firmware update that sorted some of the earlier issues so i decided not to buy the ‘s’ and saved some cash as well, i couldn’t be happier.
    Apart form it’s performance it’s such a lovely camera to handle, small and discrete when snapping strangers on the street.
    I did think about a Fuji with interchangable lenses but i knew if i did i’d be buying a range of them and that would defeat the object for me.
    I look forward to your thoughts on the new cam and what lenses you use.

  21. Brad

    I have a APS-C Canon DSLR and a Fuji X-Pro1. The Canon just sits in the camera bag. I only use it when I need to do something like using remote triggers or taking log exposure star trail images. Otherwise, I just use the Fuji. I prefer the lower weight. There is also something distinctly different about the RAW files on the Fuji. It’s hard to explain, but the colors are just more realistic, whereas the Fuji comes out with a muted red tone that is hard for me to adjust out. Finally, the Fuji images are just incredibly sharp in comparison to the Canon. I just love the little camera. I’ll never go back to DSLR.

  22. Brad

    Ooops: “. . . whereas the CANON comes out with a muted red tone that is hard for me to adjust out.” The Fuji RAW files are rock solid when converted in Lightroom 5. The Canon RAW files . . . just are not the same.

  23. Ferry


    Well I have the 5DmkII and Fuji X100 and have used the Nikon D800 and D4 and D610. Although I love the looks from the Nikons I also love the X100. it si the on my shoulder camera for when I am on the streets, But I also use it as a main/second camera when I am doing reportages en documentary stuf and weddings. I love the Fuji’s and there great sensor!

  24. Mark Coons

    Interesting timing of this post for me Glyn. I have been considering the X-Pro1 and the X-E2 as travel or walk around cameras. Still love my Canon 1D Mark III but as I get older I don’t care for the weight.

    I recently replaced my Canon point & shoot with the Fuji X100s and absolutely love it. But there are times when we can’t ‘pan with our feet’ and need a zoom lens. So I have narrowed my research down to the X-E2 and am trying to determine what lens to start with.

    So your experiences will be very helpful and can’t wait to read them!

    Thanks for sharing Glyn!!

  25. zelph

    As one who has shot SLR’s for more than 40 years I like the Fuji offerings. Found the X-E1 too small but the X-Pro1 just right in my hands. The bit of size difference made a big difference in handling and comfort while using it in the field. Lenses are good and the images are just fine.

    The savings in weight is welcome after all these years.

  26. Scott

    I love my XE-1 and the XE-2 I haven’t had much time with it yet but am going to like better. They are a back saver take great photos even in auto if I don’t have time.

  27. Rob Walls

    The X100s was for me the beginning of the end of 47 years of shooting Nikon professionally. That little gem of a camera brought back the delight of spontaneous photography. I found candid subjects often responded with a smile and even curiosity when photographed with the quiet little X100s.

    After thinking about it for a few days, I had a fire sale of Nikons and six lenses. Sold the lot to a single buyer surprised that all I wanted for them was enough to cover the cost of an XE-2 and two lenses.

    After 47 years of shooting professionally with Nikon I thought I might have more than just a twinge of regret. Not a bit of it. I’ve had the XE-2 with 18-55mm and 55-200mm for two weeks now and couldn’t be more pleased I made the switch. My camera load has gone from 10 kilos to about 2. The hardest part of the change was in finding a good bag small enough to carry such a small outfit. (I bought a Lowepro Urban Reporter 150 messenger style bag.

    The Fuji X100S and XE-2 have been a game changer for me. Not the least, for the fact that they have brought back the joy of picture taking.

  28. David

    Hi Glyn,

    Dilettante amateur here in my mid-60s who found his D300 languishing because it was just too much to lug. My S95 just didn’t the have control and flexibility I desired, especially focus isolation when I wanted it. I took delivery of an X-E1 on 8/1 and have shot pretty much 4-6 days of every week since. It goes to work, it goes to dinner at the diner, it goes everywhere. The IQ is great, the JPEGs are fantastic so I don’t insist on RAW all the time and the lenses are pretty special. Hi ISO is excellent. I have 5 lenses (14/27;35 and the 2 zooms) and all go into a pretty small bag if I want to carry them all. The adapters are great fun shooting legacy Rokkors, C/Y Zeiss and even D/G Nikkors. Highly recommended. Considering the U/G to the XE-2 but may wait. Good luck.

  29. Vineet Suthan

    HI Glyen,
    I got my fuji X-E1 considering the same issues which is shooting with iphone and taking pictures of family was very rare. I was even more disappointed with the focus speed of X-E1 and the buffer speed. Those are the two issues i had with this camera. The picture quality is awesome if you nail the shot. Hence my preference would be to get a Sony Nex 6 rather 😉

  30. Ian Richardson

    Hi Glyn,

    Interested to see your logic as I went through exactly the same process recently. I shoot a Canon 5D Mk II with the 70-200 as my favourite lens. I initially got a Sony NEX 7 as my lightweight kit, but swapped it for the Fuji X-E1 because I prefer the handling of the Fuji Camera and the lenses are just awesome. The initially slow focussing of the X-E1 seems to have been solved by a firmware update and while the Fuji will never be as fast as the Canon, it’s perfectly fast enough for pretty much everything. I did have some issues initially getting an import preset for the X-Trans pictures in Lightroom, but now that’s sorted its easy to apply on import.

    I love the Fuji for lightweight use and now have the 14mm, 35mm and 55-200 lenses, all of which are just stunningly sharp glass. I may well add on an X-Pro 2 if and when one appears. I think you’ll love the X-E1.

  31. Rupert

    Hi Glyn,

    Picked up my x-e2 a couple of weeks ago. It is great fun, but don’t expect it to be as responsive as your dSLR. It is, however, a lot quicker than x-pro1 I had. For low light it is fantastic, and amazingly even the on-board flash does a half descent job.
    People are really relaxed around the camera as it doesn’t have that paparazzi effect caused by monstrous dSLRs.


  32. David

    I totally love the Fuji’s and use them on pretty much 99% of my photography. I am big fan of the X100s but heading out with the X-E2 this weekend and can’t wait.

  33. Alex

    I would not replace cannon nor nikon for fuji. Indeed I already did it.. I now can say: Fuji x-e1 is great camera after few important firmware updates.

    If you or your clients see the photos at 100% zoom – stay with dslr.
    Otherwise x-e/pro is a great travel camera, performing well on good/not so good illumination.
    If you use to re-touch or manipulate your photos at pixel level I prefer dsrl

  34. Steve

    Well I’ve been shot in X-e1 and now X-e2 along side my 5DIII and 1D X for about a year and the portability is great, just last night I eas shooting with the X-e2 + 23mm and my 5DIII + EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II and the Fuji kept up nicely and in a lot of cases on the LCD liked the quality of the shots better? Since they are both in RAW I need to get them into post to evaluate them. What I appear to like on the LCD is the color temperature of the Fuji so in post that advantage may go away. The new CFL bulbs in homes along with tree lights and traditional light bulbs make shooting without a flash more problematic. I think Canon could learn some AWB stuff from Fuji.

  35. derek

    hi, interesting reading here, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.
    anyway, I just wonder if you already try the Sony A7?
    I bought a Sony 7R that replaced my D800E about 2 weeks ago, and I as I sold my D800E and all F mount lenses ,I got enough money to afford Canon EOS6D + 4 Canon lenses and entire you mentioned Fuji XE2 kit(the camera +3 primes).

    unlike you I always hated Nikon bodies , especially the shape of the grip of my D800E(before it the D700), so I just decided to replace it with the Sony A7R.
    initially, I planned to re-use my F mount lenses with the A7R via a speed booster (mount adapter), but it did not work as planned.
    so, I decided to sell all my Nikon mount lenses and get a small Canon fullframe D-SLR since the Sony Alpha 7 and 7R had only 2 usable native mount primes for now and high ISO of the A7R is much worse than the D800E.

    I am happy with my current setup, 3 different mounts but I can share many of my Canon EF lenses among the 3 systems for most of things and I just need a very few special lenses for each mount.
    For Fuji XE2, I think the 14mm f2.8 and 23mm f1.4 are both must have kind of lenses , the 55-200mm is also a great lens , I think it is a bit sharper lens than my Nikon AF-S70-200mm f4VR lens.
    For Sony A7R, I think the 55mm f1.8ZA is a must have lens , an extremely sharp prime with great bokeh, the 35mm f2.8ZA is also a great lens , it is tiny, weighs only 120g, really sharp easily beating the Zeiss 35mm f2ZF2(which I had for my D800E).

    So , before deciding firmly on the Fuji, you may want to try the Sony and the maybe Samsung as well.

    I think the XE2 is a good all around camera but the Sony A7 has better sensor and video.

    all that said, I think you cannot go wrong with any of Fuji or Sony mirrorless cameras.

    have a great one.

  36. Rich Owen

    Since I recently retired, I decided it was time to look for a light weight alternative for my pair of Nikon D2H bodies and the associated f2.8 zooms and faster primes for work (news photojournalism). I eventually settled on a Fuji X100S for a starter. I have since sold all my Nikon gear and picked up a X-E1 and XF 1,4/35mm to pair up with my X100S. The only other thing I throw into the mix is my old Yashica Electro35 GS film rangefinder for nostalgic days of Tri-X shooting.

    Is there a learning curve? After shooting zooms for 35+ years, that has been the most difficult part of the transition as I now use only primes. The other tough part is the size of the files. My D2H provided files roughly 7MB in size where the Fujis can run over 4X as large. My little 4.1MP D2H had images that were blown up to as much as 12 feet on a long side for billboards with no customer complaints so megapixels means little to me except for cropping.

    But this is definitely a path I plan on pursuing the rest of my photographic life!

  37. Alan

    Hi to all.
    First, good to read, that other photographers have the same thoughs as I have:
    looking for a fuji camera as a replacement for the DLSR or a 2nd “First-Camera”!

    I work as an event photographer and love to use my working-horse the D700. Its super fast and catches nearly every moment I want right in focus!
    Working at good light is easy and for every IPhone easy too – if you know what I mean.
    Working in low light and high ISO beyond 5400 let sometimes the AF struggle.
    Thats my thought to take an alternative camera, specially the x-e2 with its two AF-options with the 35mm F1.4 lens.
    For me the fuji is a good choice, because its small & light, quite (!) and fast (at good light).
    Maybe I’m actually not so firm with the fuji, dear readers excuse me,
    but I found that not every shoot was in focus or fast enough to catch with the focus from the x-e2.

    That means for me:
    actually I must know, that not every moment can be catched with the x-e2 and you know: a good moment does not comes a second time.

    I have also good experience:
    I took two times the x-e2 in two different restaurants for event shootings:
    I can say, that its really possible for me to take the x-e2 instead off the d700!!!
    Good DOF with the 35mm f1.4 lens. 200-150 Photos with 12/7 false AF situations.
    That’s great for me.

    I’m very interested in your experience with the following situations:
    Wedding event, low light and high ISO, fast movements with dancing people and sometimes disco light (blue, red & magenta light change).
    How would you catch these moments right with your fuji AF.
    Happy to read from you.

  38. Nishi

    I have been using the Fuji X-Pro 1 for over a week and have a couple of shoots in real situation. I love the lenses but trying to work with external flash is no fun, especially with 60mm lens. at f4 and 180th sec the LCD screen is totally dark and you can only use the small rectangle in OVF. Not fun! I might be able to find a way round it. I wouldn’t have had any problem with my Canon 5 D Mk iii. So, may be, it’s horses for courses.

  39. Paul Randolph

    Hi Glyn,
    I am an enthusiast photographer and I do sports, events, and am a fire department photographer. I have been shooting Nikon with my lead camera being a D300. In May I purchased the XE-1 with the 18-55, 14 2.8, and 55-200 in preparation for a trip to Colorado in July. I was looking for something lighter in weight and I love the retro look and analogue controls of the XE-1. I have been very pleased with the camera and the lenses and how it has impacted my approach to photography. I also love being less obtrusive compared to shooting with the 17-55 2.8 and 70-200 2.8 bazookas. The only down side is the slower speed of the autofocus. I just traded in the XE-1 for the XE-2 and I am still evaluating the speed of the autofocus. I have to say, if it lives up to the hype, I am seriously considering trading in my Nikon and going Fuji 100%. Since getting the XE-1 my Nikon gear has been on the shelf most of the time. I also have to say that Fuji customer service and the responsiveness of the company to their customer base is outstanding. Nikon has a lot to learn from Fuji when it comes to this.

  40. Nishi

    I have ben using X-Pro 1 for some months now with 18mm, 35mm and the 60mm macro lens. My serious kit consists of Canon 5D3 and Nikon D3 bodies with high quality glass. I love X-Pro 1 when I am covering an event in a slight relaxed environment. However, when I am working at break-neck speeds for press release photos I go for Canon 5D3. I have done a lot of heart-searching and can’t pluck up the courage to cover such events with X-Pro 1. Occasionally missing the focus is also an issue with X-Pro 1. Image is also an issue with smaller cameras – will other potential clients take you seriously?

    BTW, I had submitted a few garden images taken with X100 at ISO 200 and they were accepted.

  41. dezant

    im just like you glen, at first i was nikon D700, then i made a switch to Canon 5d Mark II. Like you said, you dont want to carry heavy camera when u travel, then when i checked reviewers about mirrorless camera out there, i have chosed Fuji XE2 interms of image quality, sharpness, high iso. It is amazing camera and u dont need to worry the camera will hurt your shoulder. I am glad u have made good decision to choose fuji XE2



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