[F]ramed Awards and the ‘Open Vote’ … Just my opinion

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 16, 2013

Category: General

Hey Folks,

Today I have something I want to share with you that I posted on my social media yesterday.

Now it’s just my opinion…all good, nothing negative but on the other hand I hope you understand what I mean; here goes:

Ok so yesterday I posted across all my social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) about being a Finalist in the [F]ramed Awards but all of which I have now removed. You’ll also find no link to the [F]ramed Awards Finalists voting page throughout this post, and here’s why…

As I see it there is a Positive and a Negative side. The Positive being that you guys ROCK! To know that many of you put my name forward and voted is a BIG deal for me and it means a heck of a lot I can tell you.

Now as for the Negative, and this is just how I feel you understand…there’s too many names missing in all of the categories for this to be referred to as ‘Best Of’ or ‘of the year’. I’m thinking on my feet here but maybe calling it something like ‘As voted by readers’ or the ‘People Awards’ would be more fitting…I don’t know.

You see there are so many incredibly talented people out there that aren’t on social media and that would and should be put forward , and there are also many that are on social media that aren’t there too. Now looking through the list, absolutely there are folks I would expect to see in the Finalists of a ‘Best Of’ competition but on the the other hand…is this what the [F]ramed Awards is? Again…this just my thoughts and opinions, ok?

So again on a personal side…I am incredibly honoured that my name was put forward and enough votes were cast to get me into the list of Finalists; that in itself is a win for me.

But you see the only competition for me is with myself…competing with myself each time with each new picture and I posted about that earlier in the week.

Now this might sound crazy…real crazy but then maybe you’d expect that from this bald UK guy who gets video’d wearing stockings walking around Oxford City Centre with his buddy Dave Clayton I guess, but…

“I don’t want to Win” … there, I said it.

Crazy? Maybe, but I don’t feel comfortable with ‘open vote’ competitions because the results can be swayed by maybe popularity rather than purely down to talent.

To quote something from my Competitive Bodybuilding days….“There’s always somebody Bigger and Stronger” and remembering that then (and now) keeps me grounded and wanting to continually improve in everything I do.

So, thank you everybody…l genuinely mean that and I hope what I say here makes sense.

And on a lighter note…

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