New Full Length Tutorial Behind the Scenes + Interview

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 26, 2017

Category: Videos

This week I’ve been over in the Netherlands at my Buddy Frank Doorhof’s studio being filmed for a new full length tutorial I’ll be releasing in the next few weeks.

The tutorial will follow the same format as my new book Photograph Like a Thief as I take you through the entire process from concept to print for a brand new picture. I’ll let you know more details over the coming weeks until it’s finally ready for release but in the mean time here’s a video Frank put together as part of his Daily Vlog giving you a look Behind the Scenes at what we were filming and at the end we have a chat through some Photography related stuff.

Check out the video below but also make sure that you SUBSCRIBE / FOLLOW Frank’s YouTube Channel which is packed with lots (and I mean lots) of photography and kit goodness.

Catch you later,

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