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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 22, 2016

Category: General

If you’re a current subscriber to my newsletter then a short while ago you would have received a link to download a FREE Tip Sheet.

This is the very first tip sheet I’ve put together, thanks to the great help of my Best Mate and InDesign Guru Dave Clayton, and over the coming months with each newsletter I send out, a new Tip Sheet download will be included so as a subscriber you’ll be able to build a collection.

I’m aware that there are folks who prefer video, there are folks who prefer to read and there are folks who like both so this new Photography and Photoshop Tip Sheet series is well, for everyone đŸ™‚


Oh and also, anyone new who enters their email address to receive my free newsletters will also get a link to download the tip sheet upon doing so; you’ll find the subscribe box in the right hand sidebar and also at the very bottom of this web page in the footer area.

The response to this first sheet has been fantastic so thanks to those of you who messaged me during the day on Thursday; great to know the Tip Sheet is well received.


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