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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 16, 2012

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Hey Folks,
Hope you had a great weekend and are all set for the week ahead 🙂

I’m still over in Germany at the moment as yesterday saw the final part of Calvin Hollywood’s 3 Day Workshop with the last day focusing on Self Marketing and Self Management… so no cameras, no Photoshop…purely Business! Of course it was another fantastic day packed to the rafters with information.

As an Instructor and Business Owner myself it’s always great to hear how someone else approaches running their business and deals with things like time management, promotion and  so on and yeah for sure I picked up alot of invaluable best practices that I too will look at adapting when I return to the UK.

Later in the evening Calvin and his lovely wife picked me up from the hotel and we three went out to a very good local restaurant to sample some traditional German food. I can’t remember the name of the place to be honest but you know somewhere is going to be good when it’s full of locals and geez was it good! Fantastic food and the portions were extremely generous; infact I now see why when Calvin & Gabor came over to the UK in August last year that Calvin ended up having to order 3 main meals to satisfy his hunger.

Finally to end the night it was over to the Bowling Alley for the long awaited Re-Match…

I guess this is the point where you’d expect to hear how close the match between us was, all the hype and tension leading up to it and who after it all was Victorious?!?

Well in truth it was neither Calvin, Gabor or myself but Calvin’s wife! (With Calvin in 2nd Place and 3rd going to Michael)

I’m putting my excuse down to having eaten way too much and consequently not being able to bend at the waist which clearly put me at an advantage but as for Calvin & Gabor…between you and me I think they felt intimidated…but don’t tell them I said that because I still have to get home on Wednesday 🙂

So then this morning still full from the night before we all got together and went over to Heidelburg for some time to unwind and chat about anything and everything, grab some lunch, have a laugh and take some photos along the way so I’ll be sure to share some of what we got up to on the blog tomorrow.

Right…must dash so I’ll catch up with you later,
Enjoy 🙂

•     •     •

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  1. Mike Le Gray

    It certainly was an interesting day – chock full of fascinating business insights, followed by not only one of the noisiest of rounds of bowling I’ve ever participated in, but also outrageously ‘dangerous’ and fast-paced air-hockey, alongside the Street Basketball Championship battle! ;o)

    A lot of fun. Can’t wait ’til the next time!


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