GoFundMe: Public Breakdown of Funds Raised for Veterans

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: February 26, 2019

Category: General

Now that I’ve been able to withdraw the money we all raised from GoFundMe, I wanted to give you a final update, so I’ll start with the money and total raised…

Total Raised: £17,001
2 People Requested Refunds: £15
Therefore Total Raised: 16,986 (£17,001 – £15)

Here’s a Screen Grab to show this:

Glyn Dewis - GoFundMe
Total raised minus GoFundMe Fees: £16, 248.17

Glyn Dewis - GoFundMe

Donations Given / Sent to me: £35
New Total: £16, 283.17 (£16, 248.17 + £35)

50 / 50 Split means:

Ted Received: £8141.59
The Veterans Charity Receive: £8141.59 
(I rounded up by 1p)

For the Veterans Charity to receive their donation I spoke with Danny Greeno (CEO) who kindly provided the Charity Bank Details so that I was able to arrange a Bank Transfer (BACS). You can see the confirmation of this Bank Transfer below…

Glyn Dewis - GoFundMe
For Ted, yesterday morning I sent a cheque to his home address using Royal Mail Special Delivery Service which means the envelope is tracked and needs to be signed for and will arrive by 1pm tomorrow (26th February 2019) – this I now know has arrived. I did NOT want Ted’s bank details to arrange a bank transfer so as to avoid any ‘issues’. Below you can see a photograph of the cheque and the Special Delivery envelope…

Glyn Dewis - GoFundMe

Glyn Dewis - GoFundMe
Now you might be thinking that I don’t need to show you everything I’m doing here (and if you are…thank you) but as my integrity / intentions were questioned by someone that I have never met, I feel that I need to put all the cards on the deck and be completely and utterly transparent (If you’re on Facebook I also did a live video that explains everything)

I’ll keep you up to date with how your money has helped with actual examples but will do this over on my social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) and also on my website, but please know that what you have helped with here will have a MASSIVE positive impact on peoples lives; not just Ted but many, many Veterans of all ages. On that note I met recently with Danny Greeno (CEO of Veterans Charity) and interviewed him for our HE SHOOTS, HE DRAWS podcast. In the interview he explains all about the charity, the work they do, some example cases but also exactly how the money we have all raised will help; that will be LIVE this coming Thursday. The podcast is on iTunes and all other Podcast-y places including the official site https://heshootshedraws.com

I also have a recent post on my website showing that I met with Danny and he kindly presented a ‘thank you’ from the Charity. That post is here: https://www.glyndewis.com/veterans-charity/

Right I guess that’s all for now other than again to say a BIG Thank you for all the support and also for the trust you put in me to ensure that the money goes to where it’s needed and to do everything correctly…that means a heck of a lot!!!

Thanks again
Very Best Wishes to you and yours,

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  1. Lisa

    You are also a Hero Glyn Dewis, for taking on this huge task , commitment and doing so with such integrity.

    It’s disgusting that’s been questioned, unfortunately there always seem to be people willing to criticise.

    But from the number of donations made, the money you raised and the result of all that work, effort and stress, you also have tangible proof that many of us accepted what you were trying to do at face value and so you did achieve your goal.

    Thank you for enabling us to make a small contribution to make our gratitude for our Veterans, into something practical.

    Thank you to Ted, to our Veterans both here and those who have passed on, but also to you Glyn!!

  2. Hazel Manning

    Glyn. What you have done is a wonderful thing. Please don’t let anyone or anything tarnish that. The world is full of lovely people that give selflessly so focus on them. This was an emotional scenario so I guess coming across some negativity was inevitable. Be proud. Thank you


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