Recreating UP: Having FUN with Photography

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: February 22, 2016

Category: General

Yesterday, after I think almost 2 years, Dave and I were back in the studio working on a new picture together.

These shoots we do together are a great bit of escapism and reminder as to why I/we got involved in this whole industry…to create and to have fun.

So what’s this new picture were working on?

Well it’s one Dave’s been wanting to do for quite some time now but because of time we’ve not got around to it, but having put a date in the diary, Dave got to work sourcing props to create our own version of Pixar’s ‘UP’

Why? For fun…does there need to be another reason? Well, that and getting time to hang out with friends is always high on the list as my Buddy, Apple Guru and Tech Guy Chris Fields (CHNO Technology) also came along 🙂


As you’d probably expect from me, despite it being a fun shoot I still created a mood board (on my computer as opposed to my iPad having left it on a plane a couple of years ago mind you) and also watched the movie too…all in the name of research 🙂


I’ll be sure to keep you posted with progress as to how the pictures are coming together. I’ll also be posting them over on Instagram so be sure to join up with me over there too; you’ll find me under the username glyndewis

So what about you? Got any projects you’re working on? How’s your 2016 going with regards to adding new pictures into your portfolio?


So looking forward to working on images from this shoot…Dave completely nailed the look of the lead character!

Right have a great start to the week and I’ll catch you back here next time.


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