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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 12, 2011

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Saturday 10th December saw the incredible Help Portrait event taking place in locations all over the World.

An event inspired by US based Celebrity Photographer Jeremy Cowart, Help Portrait is where Photographers, Make Up Artists, Retouchers and generally anyone who wants to get involved and help out come together to give their time and skill all in the name of helping a stranger feel better about themselves:

Having been to Photoshop World in Las Vegas and seen Jeremy talk about the Help Portrait Movement, my good friend Gareth Davies took hold of it with both hands and set about organising a Help Portrait event in his fabulous Wokingham, UK based Studio [Link]

Gareth’s determination and passion for making sure the event was well attended and publicised was inspiring and from the word go he quickly attracted an army of volunteers (over 60) to make the day a success for the number of charities and organisations that were to be treated to the ‘feel good factor’.

Now without going into detail the actual event on Saturday 10th December was unable to go ahead, largely because of the sheer number of people due to attend and subsequent Health & Safety legalities. However being someone who keeps his word and not one to be beaten Gareth’s in the process of organising a number of ‘mini’ Help Portrait days so that over the coming weeks each and every person gets the special treatment and their portrait taken.

I’ll keep you posted how each of the event days go but in the mean time I wanted to say a HUGE Congratulations to Gareth for single handedly raising £641.89 for the Charities taking part in Help Portrait Wokingham even without the main event taking place…yet!

Gareth, you represent everything that Help Portrait stands for; you have a BIG heart and I’m proud to have you as a friend,
Good on you man!

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Gareth Davies Online:
Main & Studio Website

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  1. Dave Clayton

    Agreed, the work Gareth did to get this in motion is a fantastic testament to what a great bloke he is and the quality of his friends. I met Gareth this year through Glyn and proud to call him a friend and hope to be able to see through my volunteering for one if the smaller events next year. Well done mate on raising that amount already. Top fella and a great cause !!

  2. Glyn

    Totally agree mate and BIG thanks to you too for putting the ‘cheque’ together 🙂

  3. Gareth Davies

    Thank you guys – thats extremely kind.
    Its friends like you that help and support me, that allows me to do these things.

    I really appreciate the efforts and support of all my friends (new and old) who inspired me, volunteered and will be taking part. And of course to everyone who has donated both time time and money….

    Thank you

  4. Mitch Kloorfain

    This is great. I love when the pond between us gets smaller and smaller with connected events like this.

  5. Brian Worley

    Gareth is the man…

    Totally amazing bloke to know and eat curry with

  6. David Kelly

    Well done Gareth – great work!


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