Veterans NEED our Help! (video)

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 10, 2020

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They fought for our freedom, now we need to fight for theirs!

Veterans young and old are struggling; struggling to deal with what life has thrown at them: loneliness, not enough money to live day to day, struggling to support their families, living on the streets.

During the time I have been working on my 39-45 Portraits Project, travelling up and down the UK to photograph our surviving World War 2 Veterans, I’ve seen the loneliness and I’ve seen the hardship but I’ve also seen and developed relationships with 2 Charities working so incredibly hard soely focused on helping veterans: The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans go above and beyond to ensure that primarily our elderly veterans aren’t alone; ensuring they have a friend who can call on them, take them out, do errands, take them to organised lunches and also take them across Europe to pay their respects to friends lost in conflict.

The Veterans Charity; a charity who provide immediate needs support (food, clothing, accomodation) for veterans who have reached the end of the line; desperate for help and don’t know which way to turn. The Veterans that these Charities support rely on them. They were going through tough times before Covid-19 hit the World, but now that it has they’re need help more than ever. The Charities don’t receive huge Government support…far from it, they rely on feet on the ground shaking collection buckets but as this is no longer possible, they’re quickly losing funds BUT are now busier than they have ever been with record numbers of cases every day.

They NEED our help.

The Veterans NEED our help.

These are challenging times for us all. There’s alot of uncertainty, but can you, will you help? If you can donate something like the price of a cup of takeway coffee (£2.50) you will make a HUGE difference. We’re not looking for a large donation (sure it would be nice) but just as many £2.50s as we can. My goal is to raise £50,000. I did have a timeframe but now I just want to raise it so that these 2 incredible charities can receive 50% each and continue the work they so desperately need to do. In the future I am doing a tandem Skydive with the Red Devils, an Abseil off the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, a one off Pottery T-Pot for VE Day 75th Anniversary is being made and a leather bound album and wooden presentation box is being made containing all the veterans portraits taken in the 39-45 Portraits Project … proceeds from all being donated to help raise this £50,000 target.

Thank you,

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