How I’m using Pinterest as part of my workflow

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 7, 2012

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Hi Folks,

Well, to kick the week off, today I want to talk a little bit about the social networking site Pinterest

You see Pinterest has been around for a while now and it seems to have had a mixed reception and up until this point I too had resisted getting on board but for no other reason than thinking I just don’t have time for yet another social networking site…or do I?

From the brief look I’d had at it when it first hit the headlines and from the little I’d heard across the internet I understood Pinterest to be somewhere to well, collect pictures of things that you liked and share them with others…seemed kind of pointless to be honest. However the penny seems to have dropped and now I’m embracing it with open arms, so let me explain why but before I do let me explain why I even decided to take another look at Pinterest.

You see I now produce a Newsletter [Link] and what has been really interesting is the answer I get when I ask people where they heard of me; I’m getting more and more people saying they found me through Pinterest. I also put my name into Google the other day to see what other sites I might appear on or be linked to and sure enough Pinterest came up…and this is all before I created an account. Needless to say this is what made me decide to take a second look at what it was all about.

So, first off let’s talk business and how I’m now going to be using Pinterest in my workflow.

#1: Last year I wrote a post about how I use Moodboards [Link] and to be more specific the Moodboard App on my iPad [Link].
In brief when I’m working with a client I encourage them to collect pictures that they see on the internet that have the kind of look and feel that they want in their own photo shoot.

I’ll also ask them to email me pictures so that I can start putting a moodboard together of what they like and ones that I find. We then meet again before the shoot to make sure we’re 100% happy with the look we’ll be working on. This practice works really well for me and it’s one that I’ll continue to do but now, with Pinterest I see this whole process becoming alot more streamlined.

Using Pinterest couldn’t be easier; all you do is sign up (for free) and then when you see a picture you like on a website, you click the ‘Pin It’ button in your browser window and you’re done…it literally takes seconds.

So with that in mind think about it…

Your client who is using Pinterest creates a new board called something like ‘Photo Shoot’ so that when they happen to see a picture they like they ‘Pin It’. Now because you’re ‘following’ your client on Pinterest, every time they add a picture you see it…instant moodboard.

#2: Another way that I see Pinterest being really useful for me is by being somewhere I can instantly collect pictures that I use for inspiration and shoot ideas. Whereas before I would have to right click on a picture, put it into iPhoto and then sync with my iPad, all I need to do now is ‘Pin It’ and the picture can instantly go into a folder I’ve named ‘Inspiration’. What’s more with the Pinterest App [Link], the boards I create I can see on my iPhone, my iPad and my computer…everything is in sync.

So that’s how I see Pinterest being incredibly useful for me from now on and yeah it’s nothing ground breaking bur just how I see it fitting into my workflow. Sure not every client will be on Pinterest or even want to be but it is early days after all.

As for how I’m going to be using Pinterest on a personal level, it’s actually reignited an interest in me to do something I used to do years ago i.e. collect pictures of things that inspired me and I wanted to aim for…a kind of dream board if you like…things that just made me feel good and that is surely a positive.

I use the internet a lot be it on my main computer, my Macbook, my iPad or iPhone so the likelyhood of me seeing something I want to ‘Pin’ is constantly there and all it takes is the click of a button.

So what about you? Do you see Pinterest becoming part of your workflow or do you view it as yet another social media site to add to the list? What about moodboarding…is this something you do?

I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts with this because using Pinterest this way is something I’ve only just thought of following one of my Eureka moments. Maybe you’ve been using Pinterest for a while now but is that for pleasure or business…or indeed both?

As always if you do have any comments/thoughts then please feel free to make use of the comments section below, but in the mean time,

Enjoy 🙂

>You can find me on Pinterest here [Link]

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  1. Michelle Hedstrom

    I do use Pinterest, but more for what you said – seeing inspiration someplace on the net and wanting to save it. It’s easier to pin instead of bookmark. I do have some personal stuff as well intertwined with that, but on different boards. I wish you could pin from Facebook though.

  2. Mark Beaumont

    I started using Pinterest when I got an invite soon after it came out. I duly stuck a few pictures I liked on it, and then thought what on earth is it all about, is it really going to help me in any way? After a while a few forum posts popped with complaints from photographers, unhappy about having their images “pinned”, and snippets of code started appearing to add to your site to prevent this. So I inevitably thought it was soon going to be dead in the water, or maybe not.
    Like you Glyn, I use Moodboard (I think I heard about it from you!) and love it, but maybe using Pinterest the way you suggest, is the progression from Moodboard?
    The only downside I see, is getting clients to join it and use it.

  3. Josep Vallejo

    I use Pinterest to mark things or products that I’d love have some day!

  4. Tim Skipper

    I have been looking at Pinterest for the same thing. I keep getting contacts from people through there and I haven’t even done anything on the site yet except create an account.

  5. Kelley Simpson

    I love Pinterest! I like to use it when choosing a gift for someone. I just go to their page and peek into their “secret wishes” and am able to come up with a surprise that they wouldn’t expect.
    It’s an amazing place for motivation, and inspiration.
    PS I’ll be checking out Moodboard also!



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