How to SEE MORE in the Landscape

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 19, 2021

Category: Photography

Today I’ve a new video for you continuing my ‘Portrait Photographer learning Landscape Photography’ journey…

Certainly feels good being out in the fresh air a lot more as I work on this project and also learning and discovering new things about the genre but also about myself each and every time I go out.

This time there were 2 things that really stood out :


  1. Take time to STOP still and absorb the location
  2. Don’t Plan too much

Really pleased with the results from this outing that will certainly make me stop looking for just the BIG picture but also look at the small scenes because lurking in there are some potential keepers…

Over the next few days I’ll be heading back to experiment using some off camera flash on some of the small details within the forest; I’m really quite excited about the possibilities so will be sure to share them … as and when 🙂


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  1. Kent Skjønnemann

    How the H..L do you make this dreamy greenish look. 🙂
    I have taken a kind of similar picture, but I fail badly every time 🙂
    Is it Orton effect or?

    • Glyn Dewis

      It’s a combination of adding blur and the SAoft Light Blend Mode Kent; I’ll do a video v.soon



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