HE SHOOTS, HE DRAWS Episode 3: Workshops, Hashtags…Oh My!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: February 16, 2018

Category: Podcast

Episode 3 of our HE SHOOTS, HE DRAWS Podcast is now online and here’s the description covering what we talk about…

Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton discuss two topics today, workshops and training in part one, then they discuss that Marmite of social media, hashtags and brand tagging. As per usual, these are Glyn and Dave’s thoughts, PLEASE give them your feedback as to why you do it and how it benefits you. #HSHD

In both the photography and design world, workshops are necessary to learn from but can be a very lazy way of making money for the wrong reasons. In the season half they discuss the overuse of hashtags and being unofficial ‘brand ambassadors’ – what’s the purpose and does it weaken the brand if the content isn’t up to scratch?

What are your thoughts on each subject, they’d love to hear from you on social media @heshootshedraws and on the website https://heshootshedrawspodcast.simplecast.fm

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  1. Steve Perry

    I enjoyed Episode three guys. Just a comment about hashtags. I do hashtag the brands that I use. But I hashtag them so that other people who use the brands I do can find me and see my work. I have very minimal kit and take pride in the fact that I can get the results I get without a lot of expensive gear. Also I hope that I can show people who are just starting out in photography, that they can get some pretty amazing results with the use of minimal gear. So when I hashtag SB700 I am hoping that other people will see my work comment and then I can follow them because I know they use the same gear. Hope this makes sense?


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