Incredibly Proud of our HE SHOOTS, HE DRAWS Podcast

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: February 19, 2019

Category: Podcast

Just had to share how incredibly proud I am of the HE SHOOTS, HE DRAWS Podcast that I host along with my Best Mate, Dave Clayton.

He Shoots He Draws Podcasts - Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton

What started out as an excuse to chat more and to record our conversations purely for the fun of it, has become so much more. The constant stream of feedback we get from listeners saying how much they enjoy it and how much a particular episode / interview impacted them is quite incredible.

Since hitting our 100, 000 download goal the podcast audience continues to grow and more recently was in the ‘What’s Hot’ section of Apple’s iTunes and then today has hit the #11 spot in the Top Podcasts Chart!

He Shoots He Draws Podcasts - Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton

Anyway, just had to share it because, well, I’m super proud of it 🙂

Thanks to everyone who tunes in, subscribes and has left a comment on iTunes … it really does mean a lot.


On the subject of the podcast, if you haven’t already then make sure to check out Episode 61 which is an interview / chat we had with our friend Matt Pereira. 

Matt gives an incredibly honest (to say the least) insight into the life of a Working Photographer. Check it out HERE

He Shoots He Draws

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