If you go down to the woods today ….

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 29, 2008

Category: General

Ok, so maybe you wont see bears having a picnic but you may see two grown men lurking with cameras … nothing untoward I promise you, just my good friend Neal and myself out taking a few shots … honest.

Like I mentioned on the previous blog entry, I’m trying to squeeze as much out of 2008 as possible so I met up with Neal yesterday afternoon to do a recce for some future photo shoots. As luck would have it, very close to where he lives is a Copse, which has endless shooting opportunities year round, so I couldn’t resist taking a few there and then. The photos I’ve attached were taken during the middle of the afternoon on what was a bright (but bloomin’ cold) day, making use of a few flashes to give the photos a bit of atmosphere.


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  1. Neal Hibbert

    Nice one mate, glad I froze my nuts off helping you! Maybe one day I will be half as good 🙂


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