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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: October 16, 2012

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Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well 🙂

Today I want to share something that my best buddy & assistant Dave Clayton posted yesterday over on the NAPP MEMBER UK website; a completely unexpected post that quite literally left me speechless.

You know there’s so much more to this wonderful industry than just Photography & Photoshop. I genuinely feel blessed with the people in my life I can call friends..truly great friends whom had I never first opened Photoshop or picked up a camera I never would have met!

• • •

Today’s post has a strange title and to pretty much everyone will mean nothing. But today I wanted to write about something that happened two years ago today that pretty much changed my (Photoshop/NAPP) life. It was two years ago this very day that Scott Kelby came to London to do his seminar at the Islington Design Centre (details here) and (here). A really big moment for me as I hadn’t long been ‘NAPPMEMBER UK’ and I had only just returned from my first ever Photoshop World in Vegas, where I met a ton of awesome people including another (now) good friend, David Rogers. I could name loads from that trip but today’s post isn’t about that or then….

It’s about this guy….Glyn Dewis.

Glyn, a bloke who I knew was a photographer, I knew that Scott already knew him from my article I wrote way back that was published in Photoshop Creative (the article that was the seed which grew into NAPPMEMBER UK).

I was to meet Glyn at Paddington Station on the morning of the 15th and then go off and meet Scott Kelby at the Hilton in Islington. What an amazing opportunity to have by any standards, a day around London with the grande fromage himself, Scott Kelby, but also to get to know a guy I had followed a bit on Twitter and his own blog.

It was this meeting that really changed things for me. Glyn and I just clicked, a lot of that was down to sharing Scott’s sense of humour. It was such a fun day, it was like spending time with two guys you’d known from way back……I think to Scott that day probably felt like years…just kidding, but you know what I mean. I had met a friend who, two years on, has proved himself to be solid gold. I really owe a lot to him for pushing me, supporting me, assisting me and teaching me. Glyn has unbelievable enthusiasm for his art, he is a first class photographer, an incredible self taught Photoshop expert, an engaging trainer, a superb husband to Anne and the kind of friend you could only wish for.

We’ve shared some fantastic times these past two years: workshops, photo walks, curry clubs, a Photoshop World, photo shoots, most recently Photokina in Germany…plus so many other things that have changed my outlook and approach to many things in life. It’s great that we are seen as a team but take nothing away from him, Glyn has worked bloody hard to be where is today and all the places he’ll be heading in the future. Well deserved rewards for a top fella. Without him I wouldn’t have had my big old face adorned on a few of the best Photoshop/Photography magazines out there. He made me a cover star !! Unbelievable. He gave me confidence to step in front of the camera and to appear on video. We’ve had so many laughs together to the point of that moment when you laugh so hard you actually stop making any sound at all and tears stream down your face. So many great memories in two years and many, many more fantastic experiences ahead of us both.

Here’s some more about both of us and how we got involved in the NAPP:
My Guest post on ScottKelby.com
Glyn’s Guest post on ScottKelby.com

So, whilst this may sound like a bromance love fest, I am not shamed to say thank you Glyn, you are a diamond, a great friend and I love ya bro !! Here’s to many more good times and successful plans coming to fruition.

Any guy who can get me in stockings, in Oxford, on a Saturday, on video has to be pretty special…

Glyn, I doff my bowler hat to you sir and thank you. And thank you Scott Kelby for all that you do and have done for us both, both publicly and privately. You sir, are also a legend.

As you were folks ……. have a superb Monday, well Tuesday now but you know what I mean 🙂

• • •

Have a great day everyone and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow,

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