Inaugural Photo Shoot: The Curry Club (#curryclub)

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: July 13, 2011

Category: Events

What started out as a good excuse to get a group of friends together for a curry and a catch up has quickly developed into what is now affectionately called ‘The Curry Club‘ (#curryclub) and last Saturday was the first of what is to become a regular event with us all in the studio for the day…

So what is the Curry Club?
Just a group of like minded friends looking for an excuse for a regular get together, a catch up and of course a curry and give or take the odd month this we’ve made a point of doing on a regular basis.

Combining studio time and a curry was Noel’s (top right) idea, so seeing as that was the case he lead from the front and organised the first ‘Studio Day’ which carried with it the theme of ‘Film’ … but more on that later 🙂

Noel did a cracking job of organising the day with military precision which included the models and a delicious buffet lunch prpeared by his lovely wife Catherine. Three models came along for us to shoot: Elan & Rhianne both young Actors going through drama school and Loula Red who is very new to modelling. All came along at their own expense on a T.F.P. (Time for Prints) basis and were great fun to shoot, which was exactly what the day was all about…having fun 🙂

Anyway, here’s a few of my shots from the time spent in the studio …
Later in the week I’ll put a post together to show all the lighting set ups that I used for each shot along with a run through of some of the editing in both Lightroom and Photoshop to finish the images off…

Couldn’t resist the opportunity to take some ‘character’ shots of Elan…the ‘Man of a Thousand Expressions‘ and a total blast to have infront of the camera 🙂

It was great having Loula along for the day with her look being a complete contrast to Elan & Rhianne which gave the opportunity to make pictures with a completely different feel…

B.T.S. (Behind The Scenes)
From Left to Right we have Dave Clayton (@NAPPMEMBER_UK) photographing Elan, Brian Worley (@p4pictures) photographing Rhianne and then there’s Noel (@Noel_Hannan) photographing Lou and David Kelly (@Norn_Ironman) photographing Elan…

The theme of the day was ‘Film’
So, getting back to the theme of the day…

Originally Noel, as I’ve mentioned, said that the theme of the day was ‘film’ (hence the group portraits at the top) and this could be interpreted however you chose BUT a short while before the studio day he sent out an an email with the following Rules ‘Instructions’ …

Anyway, Rules are Rules … 🙂

And of course, being the #curryclub the day wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to a local curry house…

All in all a fab day with lots of laughs, lots of ‘shooting’ and topped off with a delicious curry. HUGE thanks to our models for the day…Elan, Rhianne and Loula…Noel for setting it all up and to his lovely wife Catherine for the food, and of course Gareth for the use of the studio [Link].

Can’t wait for the next one now but the question is though…who’s gonna be hosting it? Guys? Guys?

The Curry Club (From Left to Right)
Dave Clayton (@NAPPMEMBER_UK), Gareth Davies [Link], Brian Worley (@p4pictures), Me, Noel Hannan (@Noel_Hannan) and David Kelly (@norn_ironman)

Not forgetting those members who couldn’t make it this time …
Keith Hammond (@keithhammond), Scot Baston (@scotbaston), Tim Wallace [Link], John Ogden and Alan Brusky (@fireleafdesign)

• • •

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  1. Keith Hammond

    looks like i missed a right good day, who owns the gimp ball prop then 🙂 i want to see film results as well, i’ll be at the next one for sure(weddings permitting)

    • Glyn

      Hey Keith, if I tell you it’s Gareth’s do you promise not to tell anyone else 😉
      Yeah will be great to see you at the next one mate; no date fixed just yet but I’m sure soon enough there’ll be an email going out to everyone 🙂


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