Inspiration Friday #1

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: October 28, 2011

Category: General

If you’re a Photographer and are looking for some inspiration, or then again if you’re just someone who appreciates great photography & image making then 500px is certainly somewhere to spend some time with a cup of coffee.

I can spend literally hours browsing around some of the incredible portfolios on there; each and every time finding myself letting out an involuntary ‘Wow!’

So, to leave you inspired and entering the weekend fired up and desperate to get out in the Great Outdoors I’m going to start an Inspiration Friday post, where each week I’m going to recommend a portfolio on 500px that you go take a look through and that has quite literally blown me away.

To kick things off I’m going to recommend the portfolio of Photographer Vitaliy Sokol who’s photograph of the leaping Dolphin below which appeared in the ‘Popular’ section on 500px prompted one of those ‘Wow!’ moments.

You can check out Vitaliy’s 500px here [Link]

*Note: Some of Vitaliy’s images contain Nudes so aren’t ‘work’ safe.

Have a great weekend folks and I’ll see you back here on Monday for my review of the SaberStrip Light Modifier…finally 🙂

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  1. Scot Baston

    I love that image Glyn, It is one I added to my collection of photographs that inspire me on 500px. I’ve created a gallery of my favourite images, of which some of yours are in there too!

  2. kelley

    Ok, I could lose a whole day to that site if I’m not careful! Loved the link you provided to Vitaliy’s site. Crazy beautiful images and the “nudes” are actually gorgeous and classy. @Scot Thanks for providing your faves link, great images in there too! Glyn, thanks for directing me to this site the work in endless in talent there. Your work looks stellar on the site. Have a fabulous weekend. kelley


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