The Inverse Square Law made SIMPLE: PHOTOGRAPHY

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 18, 2018

Category: Photography

On Tuesday of this week I ran another LIVE Broadcast over on my YouTube Channel where this time I went through a Photoshop retouching technique that I use to create the 1940’s Black and White look and also went through some lighting covering Rembrandt Lighting and Inverse Square Law.

Was great to see so many people watching live and such an active Chat Room but the following morning I woke thinking of other ways I could have explained Inverse Square Law because you see this is one of those many terms in Photography that can sound and appear incredibly confusing when in fact it doesn’t need to be. So…last night I hosted another LIVE Broadcast covering just Inverse Square Law giving more examples of what it is, how to understand it and examples of practical uses.

You can check it out over on my YouTube Channel by CLICKING HERE

Hope you like it

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