iPhone 6 Plus: Upgraded and Impressed

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 12, 2014

Category: General

I’ve made a few changes lately with regards to mobile phone and carrier provider.

First off…Carrier Provider
Despite working great for the first few weeks of the contract, for the past 12 months I’ve experienced zero mobile signal whilst at home. Several phone calls later and promises of a unit that would mean I could use the wifi signal to make/receive calls and texts never materialising I finally moved away from T-Mobile/EE.

I’m now with the 3 Network and am experiencing great coverage and service. Plus I don’t need any special unit to use the wifi for calls/texts should I be without cellular cover; one free app from 3 does it all and works great!

Upgrading to the iPhone 6 Plus
On the phone front I’ve just upgraded to the iPhone 6 Plus. Having taken out a new contract with 3, I’ve purchased the phone outright which works out considerably less cost than being subsidised over a 2 year period.


I’ll post more over the coming weeks but early impression is that I’m VERY impressed. The photo quality is fantastic and the video is, well, outstanding!

In addition to this, the screen recording software I use when recording tutorials, Screenflow, has recently been upgraded and is now able to capture the iPhone screen. The reason I mention this is because I’ll be recording some mobile phone retouching tutorials too, for the fun of it and also showing some great applications for doing do that I’ve been recommended recently.

Have a good one and I’ll catch you here next time,

***UPDATE: Found out that the iPhone/iPad screen can now be recorded with Yosemite and iOS8 built in***

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