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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: July 28, 2011

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Last Saturday (23rd July) saw the 2nd of my Concept to Print Workshops [Link] held at the superb Gareth Davies Studios in Wokingham, UK [Link]

With the day being split in two: first half covering photography and lighting techniques with the final edited image in mind and the second half of the day covering retouching and compositing I had a total blast with a great group of attendees and our model for the day, ex American Wrestler Steve Lewington…

My buddy Erik Bernskiöld of Bernskiold Media [Link] even made a trip over from his home town of Gothenburg, Sweden especially for the workshop which was fantastic as we’ve known each other for a few years and have spoken a number of times online but never actually met until this point; such is the power of social media 🙂

Being the 2nd Workshop it’s very much evolving as it has been and will continue to be ever since I ran the free testers. Different this time to the last, we ran with one model for the photography part and spent more time working on a number of different set ups for compositing in Photoshop later in the day…

One thing I’m very aware of with this workshop being studio based is that attendees may feel they couldn’t replicate the lighting once they’d left, so this time I brought along some of the new Lastolite Hotrod Strip lights which are for use with speedlights. This was the first time I’d given them a try and first impressions are good…

I’ll be sure to add a review of them in a short while once I’ve put them to use on some outdoor shoots too, but in the meantime here’s a link for more details… [Link]

An important aspect of the day is the lighting set ups in the photography section where I discuss with attendees what it is I want the final image to look like once I’ve worked on it in Photoshop, and so design the lighting to fit. A light will be positioned in a certain way because in the final edit it will appear as light from the sun, moon, a window light etc… and it’s this kind of attention to detail and getting the photograph just right ‘in camera’ that plays a huge part in the final edit actually ‘working’. The image below is one I’m working on at the moment to give it a ‘Superhero’ feel with cracks in the road where it’s been punched and all manner of things going on around Steve, so once finished I’ll post the final version here on the blog with a look at what was done in Photoshop to go from ‘out of camera’ to ‘final edit’.

It’s always a bonus to get feedback, be it good or bad (so long as it’s constructive) especially with something like a workshop because like I said earlier, it’s very much an evolving and learning process to see what works and what doesn’t. With that being said, I just want to thank those folks who came along to the workshop and made it what it was…

Hi Glyn, thanks very much for your inspiring and encouraging workshop on Saturday -it was so helpful to me.  I’m not a Photoshop expert but you have such a relaxed teaching style, that I managed to absorb more information than I perhaps would in a more rigid training environment.  I think you area very effective presenter. The whole day was very professional:  I enjoyed the warm welcome that I was given on arrival and it was great to be shown into a large, clean and bright studio.  Everything was very well organised and the schedule was packed and relaxed at the same time, which made it a wonderful day of learning for me. You are clearly highly skilled at every aspect of what you do and thanks so much for generously sharing your know-how with me.  Thanks to you, I now feel more confident to plan images in a certain way and to work on them afterwards.

Thanks too, to Erik Bernskiold who has also written about the workshop over on his blog which you can check out here [Link]

Coming Soon:
I’ll be sure to post some more of the final edits over the next few days along with a detailed look at the editing steps involved but also to give you a ‘heads up’ I’m currently planning a webinar where I’ll be taking you through a live edit as if you were with me at the workshop. More details on this coming soon along with new dates planned for the next round of workshops which I can’t wait for; I’m kind of thinking of running them in November and February…what do you think?

Right, must dash so I’ll catch you later,
Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Chanel

    Wow Glyn you just keep getting better & better. 🙂

    • Glyn

      Chanel…very kind…thanks 🙂

  2. A.J. Wood

    You are a true testament to the passion of the craft and the work ethic that brings unbridled success. I am truly humbled & inspired every time I see your work.

    – A.J.

    • Glyn

      @A.J…Wow, thanks a lot my friend; that means a heck of a lot!


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