It’s an iPad for Photographer’s Love Fest!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 16, 2011

Category: General

Ok so we really are neck high in boxes now as we move house in the next couple of days but whilst I grab a few minutes I thought I’d give you the ‘heads up’ on a couple of things…

Firstly, if you’re a Photographer who owns an iPad and uses Adobe Photoshop Lightroom in your workflow you’re going to love this:

Photosmiththe iPad mobile companion for Adobe Lightroom‘ will very soon be available in the iTunes App Store. Being part of the Press Release Team I’ve been using the full version for a short while already in order to have a review ready for launch date, and I’ve got to say it works like a dream!

Being able to sort through your images, tag, reject, pick, create collections, add descriptions, copyright info and more whilst ‘chimping‘ plus when back in front of your main computer having all this sync perfectly and wirelessly into your Lightroom Catalog is incredible!

The creators of Photosmith are now just waiting for Apple to dot the i’s and cross the t’s before it becomes available in the App Store but it’s expected to be in the coming week, which is when I’ll post up a full review 🙂

In the mean time you may want to add the Photosmith blog [Link] to your RSS readers to keep up to date on all that’s going on 🙂

Watch ‘The Grid’ on your iPad
No longer will you have to race home or stay on in the office to catch the live broadcast of the Photography & Photoshop discussion show ‘The Grid‘. Hosted by Scott Kelby & Matt Kloskowski and with Special Guests each week it’s now possible to tune into this incredibly popular show live on your iPad.

Of course this is going to mean hooking into a WiFi Hotspot and a little bit of multi tasking by watching on your iPad and tweeting on your mobile phone at the same time, but now there’s no need to miss a ‘live‘ show; oh and here’s the link you’ll need

Right that’s all for now, must dash…this packing isn’t going to do itself.
Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you later,

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. DaveT

    What !!!! yet another reason to buy an Ipad. I’m not sure how long my resistance is going to hold out;-)

    Good luck with the move Glyn


    • Glyn

      @DaveT…Go on…you know you want to…resistance is futile 🙂

  2. Patrick Frani

    I can’t wait any longer…I really want a copy of Photosmith: The iPad mobile companion for Adobe Lightroom


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