It’s Official: Photoshop ‘Blend If’ Sliders can perform Magic!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 4, 2013

Category: General

Hi Folks,

Today I wanted to share something I posted on my Facebook page a few days ago…

One of the pictures I’m working on at the moment is a three person composite which actually includes Dave and myself.

In the picture one of the things going on has Dave pouring coffee from a flask into a cup but because of being distracted he is overfilling it and the coffee is pouring out of the cup onto the floor.

Question was though…how to shoot it?

I guess we could have done it for real but the problem here was not wanting to make too much of a mess 🙂

Solution: Photograph Dave pouring the coffee into the cup and then take a second shot against a grey background of the coffee spilling over but done low to the floor over a container.

So now we have 2 shots: one of Dave pouring the coffee and the other of the overflowing cup; and this is where Photoshop can do it’s magic…

Using the Photoshop Blend If sliders no selection of the coffee is needed at all; within seconds and moving just one slider we’re able to remove the grey background leaving us with the coffee that can then be moved into place.

Lots more to do on this picture over the next few days and I’ll be sure to post it once it’s finished but I just thought I’d share this with you as I think sometimes we can get so wrapped up with thinking Refine Edge is the answer we’ve been looking for when there are so many gems within Photoshop we may not have considered.

Rollin McCarty over on Google+ said it perfectly when he saw me share this by commenting: “Seems like the more I learn about PS the more there is to learn. Thank you for the tip!”

On the subject of selections, I’ll be recording the FREE webinar once we get back from Photoshop World later this month and will post up details as to how you can access it shortly afterwards.

Right, have a great day whatever you’re up and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow,

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  1. J.R. Maddox

    Every time I see your guys face in this pic I laugh…


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