It’s Twitter #FF (Follow Friday) time…

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 30, 2010

Category: General

Blimey Friday already; time is certainly flying by these days.
Well as promised here’s my next instalment of Twitter Follow Friday or to it put another way, people I recommended that you follow 🙂

  • @terrylwhite: Adobe Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist, Technology Guy, iPhone addict, Best Selling Author and all round good guy Terry is definitely a person to have on your ‘follow’ list. A regular ‘tweeter’ Terry also runs two web sites that are on my daily ‘must read’; and
  • @aboutrc: Florida based Photographer RC Concepcion works as a ‘Photoshop Guy’ for the Kelby Media Group. What RC doesn’t know about the Adobe Creative Suite just isn’t worth knowing. RC is an incredible Photographer & Instructor with a way of teaching that has the ‘Ah, now I get it’ factor. RC is also a writer for Layers Magazine and Photoshop User Magazine, as well as being the co-host of Layers TV-The How to Podcast for everything Adobe.
  • @jnack: John Nack is the Principal Production Manager at Adobe for Adobe Photoshop. Trust me if you want to be ‘kept in the loop’ in the world of Photoshop & get to know the latest straight from the ‘Mother Ship’ then John is the guy to ‘Follow’ 🙂 John’s Blog is also one of my daily ‘must reads’ and you can find it over at
  • @NAPP_news: The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (led by Scott Kelby), the leading world-wide resource for Photoshop training to whom I’ve been a member of for a number of years now and owe a heck of alot to. Incredible team who’s priority is to deliver the highest quality training in all manner of areas from Photography to Web Design and then some… And boy, do they deliver!
  • @kelleylphoto: Kelley Carrison Simpson; US based Photographer and regular tweeter with a wonderful blog packed full of images and text that comes straight from the heart. Forever encouraging and positive.
  • @rhedpixel: Richard Harrington who in his own words describes himself as an Author, Consultant, Digital Dude, Geek, Photographer, Husband and Father. If you’re interested in creating video using your Digital SLR then you ‘need’ to be following Rich. An incredible ‘teacher’ who has a real knack of making the seemingly impossible, possible. Knows a thing or two about Photoshop as well 🙂
  • @pauljpratt: San Francisco based Photographer, Paul is a regular contributor to Twitter. Definitely keep an eye on this guy. A talented photographer with a site packed full of superb images, Paul is forever passing on his own or others’ knowledge through his ‘tweets’.
  • @joemcnallyphoto: Well what can I say about Joe other than him being ‘The Guy’ that Pro Photographers around the World look to. I could go on and on about how Joe and his teaching has helped and motivated me and an untold number of other Photographers to learn more about this craft. Definitely check out his blog too; a great mix of humour and teaching.
  • @justinseeley: I first met Justin at Photoshop World in Las Vegas when he completely blew a packed hall of people away with a technique for making a photograph look like a pencil sketch. Extremely knowledgeable in the use of Photoshop and Social Media Justin is without question, someone to be added to your ‘Follow’ list.

So there you have it, my Twitter Follow Friday (#FF) for this week; be sure to go check them out and add them to you ‘Follow’ list.

Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you soon 🙂

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  1. David Kelly

    Morning Glynn. I know you’ve made some really good recommendations there as I already follow several of these individuals’ blogs. I’ve only recently started reading Joe McNally’s blog but I have to say it’s an ace one to follow; as well as being able to take great photographs, the guy also seems to have a way with words to.

    Have a great long weekend, though unfortunately it looks like we’re in for the usual bank holiday weather with rain (or liquid sunshine, as my dad says) being on the cards 🙁
    All the best,

    • Glyn

      Hi David.
      Great to hear that you’re already following some of the guys I’ve recommended; goes to show that they’re definitely worth following. Totally agree with you about Joe’s blog beingpacked full of incredible images & walk throughs along with generous servings of humour.

      Ditto, have a great weekend; fingers crossed the liquid sunshine doesn’t show itself too much.
      Cheers, Glyn 🙂

  2. Noel

    great list to follow, thanks mate..
    enjoying the rain…?
    catch up soon,

    all the best

    • Glyn

      @Noel…Rain? What rain? Ah you mean the river that is currently falling from the sky; geez where’s it all coming from??? 🙁


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