Die Hard Jeff Haward MM: 1/7th Middlesex Regiment

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 26, 2019

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Last week I had the absolute honour of meeting and photographing, Jeff Haward MM of the 1/7th Middlesex Regiment during World War 2…

Jeff Haward MM

Sitting and talking with Jeff before and during the photo shoot, I couldn’t help feeling in awe. Having been on the beach at Dunkirk when the Luftwaffe attacked, on the beaches during D-Day and many other campaigns I found myself looking at his eyes wondering what he’d seen and experienced as he calmly and at times with humour recounted memories.

Jeff Haward MM

Also present at the time what Jeff’s Nephew, and Author, Neil Barber (above holding a reflector in position for me)

As an author, Neil has written several books on events in World War 2 but one in particular is Jeff’s Story, titled Fighting Hitler from Dunkirk to D-Day and to my utmost surprise and delight he had a copy for me but not only that, both Jeff and Neil signed it for me too (below). This I’ll treasure forever!

Jeff Haward MM

Neil also gave me another of his books (signed it too), titled The Day the Devils Dropped In … and when I got home I ordered another about Pegasus Bridge. I kid you not that I didn’t get to bed until 3am the following day as I couldn’t put the book about Jeff’s life down. Great Story, Great Writing.

Check out Neil’s published books on Amazon: CLICK HERE

Jeff Haward MM

Cannot wait now to get the portrait of Jeff printed and then head back to see everyone to give them copies.

HUGE thanks to Beverley Cooper for arranging this photo shoot and for introducing me to Jeff and also to Neil Barber, Doreen, John (Jeff’s Son) and Jennie for making me so incredibly welcome. It truly is an honour for me to be doing this and to know folks have trust in me to bring me into their lives means more than I can explain.

Note: I did a short interview with Jeff after the photo shoot and this will be available to listen as a Special Episode of our HE SHOOTS, HE DRAWS Podcast from Friday 1st February.

Oh one last thing…

I’ve had people asking if the portraits I’m taking will be shown in an exhibition. Short answer is YES and I’ll keep you well and truly informed as to when and where that will be.


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  1. Matthew Cornwell

    You know what Glyn?

    The more I read and see of your work, the more amazed I am.
    It’s not just the end product for me, it’s the time, effort, finances and dedication you commit to this project.
    I am sure I can’t imagine every detail, but even loading up all of your kit into the car and travelling to see all the different veterans must be time consuming.

    The final product is definitely worth it though, I have never been so compelled to follow anybody on social media or the net and I look forward to each and every post.

    Keep up the great work Glyn, your pictures will love forever I am sure.

  2. Christopher Thorpe

    The expression and pride you have captured. What an honour. Amazing stuff.


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