JOHN: Male Portrait – Behind the Scenes

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 8, 2017

Category: Photography

Ok so in this post I thought I’d just share with you a new picture and give a bit of a look Behind the Scenes so you can see the set up and kit used…

Glyn Dewis Photography

There are more pictures that will be coming from this shoot (I mean how could there not be with a location like this?) but the set up is the same for all.

The photo shoot was with a friend of mine, John Ashford and the location was one of the rooms in a outbuilding he has…just perfect for a studio huh?!?!

So despite there being rough walls which you may think of using, they were quite bright (white) so opted to set up my new Canvas Background that I’d had made by Gravity Backdrops. I could have used a plain grey roll of paper as I have done and still do so often but this new background I’ve recently had delivered and am really interested to see how it works out. Putting it up was surprisingly easy; rather than using a background support with 2 stands I just extended the arm of a boom and slid the canvas roll onto it..this alone makes it so incredibly portable and means less kit to move around.

Glyn Dewis Photography

For the main light I was trying out an Elinchrom Rotalux 100cm Deep Octa rather than my usual 135cm (50″) Octa. No real reason for this other than wanting to see what difference I could see with the light it gives. It’s too early for me to say really but will give some thoughts on this at some point.

The Octa was positioned to give the Rembrandt Style of lighting that is my ‘go to’ I guess but this time I was also trying out something different by adding a second light, a gridded beauty dish, to give some additional lighting from the rear camera left; if you take a look at the portrait of John you can see the result of this by the highlight on the top left of his forehead…it’s very subtle but I’m experimenting with this after looking at a lot of Yousuf KARSH’s images … that I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with by the way!

Glyn Dewis Photography

I’m going to do a breakdown of KARSH’s lighting in a future video series along with a new series of images so I’ll let you know as and when they’ll be ready.

Ok so let’s talk kit…

My Sony A7RII with the G Master f/1.4 Lens .. HOLY S*%T that thing is sharp!!!

Glyn Dewis Photography - Sony A7RII

3Legged Thing ‘Winston’ tripod which ticks all the boxes for me.
I was always wanting a quick release for this though as my sausage fingers struggle tightening down the little dials so was chuffed to bits to see that they now do one. Was also using their new L Bracket which means I can set up a shot and whether I then change the camera to landscape or portrait orientation I don’t need to adjust the tripod; the bracket means that the axis of the camera remains at the same height…very cool!

Glyn Dewis Photography - Sony A7RII

I was shooting tethered (as always) so using TetherTools cables for that although I do need to find a better way now as the files in the A7RII are bloomin’ huge and it takes quite a while for them to come through. Also…using Lightroom to Tether the Sony was a bit of a nightmare. You have to set up a watched folder and then turn on Auto Import and it just doesn’t seem to work; well reliably anyway. One minute they come through then nothing. It has to be used in conjunction with the Sony Remote Control App on the computer and seems very clunky. I know there’s a CaptureOne (Sony) version which says it does the tethering so I think this is going to be the route for me because tethering is such an important part of the process.

Have you used it or do you know of anyone that has?

Glyn Dewis Photography - Sony A7RII

Ok so above you can see the Out of Camera shot and the final edit side by side. Hadn’t intended or thought that this portrait of John would end up being a square crop but this is where the Sony has helped big time as cropping in means there’s still shed loads of sharpness, definition and detail in those 42 Mega Pixels.

Glyn Dewis Photography - Sony A7RII

Right, can’t think of anything else so if you’ve got any questions / comments then feel free to shut out in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Have a good one and catch you later

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  1. Bobby

    Hey Glyn – I have the Sony A7 and Use Capture One for Tethering and it works flawlessly, I wouldn’t use anything else… it just works.

    • Glyn Dewis

      Bobby…thanks so much for replying…that’s fantastic to hear about Capture One.
      Quick Q…did you get the Capture One Express download then upgrade to the Capture One 10?


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