JUST FOR FUN: 10 Minute Photoshop Challenge

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: July 29, 2016

Category: Videos

When out in Las Vegas with friends Dave Clayton and Jesús Ramirez (Photoshop Training Channel) we saw a poster on the side of one of the hotels promoting an up and coming Professional UFC battle.

So just for fun and to kill a bit of time before Photoshop World kicked off, we thought we’d recreate the poster replacing the fighters with my myself and Jesús and promoting UPC … Ultimate Photoshop Challenge.

Anyway we filmed it run n’ gun style on my iPhone and here’s the result

Enjoy and have a great weekend,


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1 Comment

  1. Jonathan Thompson

    I remember seeing a shot and for a second I thought that really was the PSW posters… I know, I shouldn’t be so gullible. 🙂


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