Kelby Training: My Business Class is now LIVE

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 13, 2012

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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by.

Hope all is well with you.

Ok so today I’m really excited to let you know that one of the classes I recorded for Kelby Training is now LIVE!

Here’s how this particular class is described over on

The Business Side of Glyn Dewis: Becoming a Successful Commercial Photographer
Spend an hour talking business with Glyn Dewis, a photographer, retoucher, and trainer based in the UK.

Glyn sits down with Kelby Training’s own Mia McCormick to discuss the business side of being a working photographer and retouch artist, where they delve into a variety of topics, such as developing a personal style, staying connected with clients, the importance of planning, and how to make the best of it when things go wrong.

Throughout the interview Glyn shares fantastic tips of the trade and some of the advice that has helped him the most.

This particular class went Live yesterday and already it’s so good to be able to read some of the feedback and get a feel for how the honesty in the class is being received:

Kevin Halliburton:
Listening to it right now Glyn. I’ve always felt a connection to your work, your style and your personality. Listening to the path you’ve followed feels very familiar too. I’m optimistic that I’m tracking your footsteps (from a ways back) as I’m trying to find my own path. This interview is one of the most personally applicable and helpful I’ve encountered. Thank you! 

Mark Imhof:
OMG!!!! Glyn! I just watched the first 12min of your new Kelby Training Video and so many things are just getting so clear to me! I have also been thinking “how can I make money” and “how am I going to get more clients”. So I have been jumping from a wedding here to a portrait shoot there but I never stopped to think of what I enjoy doing. Till now it’s awesome!!!! So need to get back to the class.

Kev Boydell:
Great interview; think I’ve found some light at the end of the tunnel. Can’t wait for your training session to appear on Kelby Training. 

Robert Qvist:
I just finished watching the class and I have to say it is one of the best I’ve seen for a while. Very relaxed, fun and very much good info! Good job Glyn! Hope to see more of this kind of class!

I really do hope you enjoy the class and I hope that some of what is talked and about rings true and helps with anything you might be experiencing or need help with; and if it does then of course it would be great to hear your thoughts.

As always you can email me at if you have any questions or comments and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

In the mean time whatever you do, make sure you have fun!

>If you’re not yet a member of Kelby Training, you check it out here [Link]

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  1. Darren House

    Heya Glyn

    This is great and so you!

    All the best and looking forward to the new classes coming on Kelby 🙂

    Speak soon 🙂

    • Glyn

      Thanks Darren 😉

  2. Miguel Campos

    And a great eye opener!
    Good to know I am not the only one who got someone saying that after a certain job(Free) that would get more work….I’ve learn my lesson this year.

    Keep up the good work 😉

  3. David Kelly

    Good stuff – just watched the interview. A different take on the usual classes on Kelby training but a style of ‘class’ I’d actually like to see them do more of. I’d always posted feedback re: the interviews conducted with photographers on D-Town asking them for much longer discussions than the 2 minute slot on the show, so it’s now good to see something like this being done on the Kelby training site. Now I just want more of them please 🙂

    Very much looking forward seeing your photoshot / photoshop training session when it’s released.

    See you soon 🙂

  4. DaveT

    Hi Glyn,

    I have just watched the three interviews. Lots of interesting bits in there,and some that I can identify with myself.

    I like the bit about sharing of information, I think your absolutely right in saying, that element is so important these days. Plus, anyone who has been involved in any form of training and development work is, I think, naturally inclined to have that sort of disposition as a person.

    Wrapping up photography in a shroud of secrecy doesn’t benefit anyone.


  5. michael hensley

    Great interview Glen! I have also only been pursuing this art form for a few years, but thanks to the help of other photogs I have learned alot. Some of your words really help me feel better about where I am and the struggles I feel like I need to overcome to become better tomorrow than I was today.

    P.S. Calvin Hollywood was the first guy that really made me go “wow, I want to shoot shots like that”. So you keep great company! Hope to bump into you for a pint one day!


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