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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: June 29, 2020

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Super excited that despite no travel to the USA this year, I’ll be teaching several classes for the very first KelbyOne LIVE Photoshop Conference running over 14th and 15th July.
Really happy to be amongst the list of intructors for this event where I’ll be teaching 3 brand new classes over the 2 days covering:
1) Selection Secrets of the Pros
2) The Power of Blending
3) Photoshop Tips and Tricks

I absolutely LOVE that this is all going to be LIVE which will also allow for audience / attendee interaction :


Selection Secrets of the Pros
Being able to make pro-quality selections is one of the most important Photoshop techniques you can master, and in this session you’re going to learn the pro’s techniques for making accurate, on-the-money selections that give your work a professional edge. There’s so many great techniques to learn in this one class and you’ll be able to apply these techniques to your own work right away.
The Power of Blending
Photoshop has a number of underutilized features, like the ‘Blend if’ sliders and layer blend modes and once you let this genie out of the bottle, you’ll open up new creative avenues and unlock new features that will have you using Photoshop in ways you’ve never dreamed of. 
You can check out the full online conference details at the link below plus details of all the other instructors over the 2 days and the classes / session.
Photoshop Tip and Tricks

Photoshop has tremendous depth, and much of that is hidden beneath the surface — it’s all those hidden tips, workarounds, shortcuts, and clever little techniques that make using Photoshop so much fun. In this session Glyn shares some of his all-time favorite Photoshop tips and techniques — it’s a session you’ll be talking about the rest of the year!

After the sessions I’ll also be available for Q&A so this really is as close to what it’s really can be like when physically being at the conference; it’s these Q&A sessions and chatting to attendees afterwards that you can cover so much more.

Really hope you can join me and the other instructors for the very first KelbyOne LIVE Photoshop Conference.



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