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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 23, 2010

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Hi All,

First off I thought I’d share this photograph of ‘Peanut’ with you; a 5 month old English Bull Terrier belonging to Danny Bartlett who I photographed in the studio recently. I originally posted this photograph of Peanut that I took at the end of Danny’s photo shoot up on Facebook and Twitter where it received it’s fair share of ‘Oooohhhh, aaahhhh’ comments so I thought it only right to give him his moment of fame here on the blog too. Mind you, something tells me we’re going to be seeing alot more of Peanut in the future.

Moving on, I’m real pleased to say that we’re getting closer to finally ‘going live’ with the Workshop, but before we do I’m going to be running one final ‘tester’, but this time we’re going to be covering alot more. We’ll be packing alot into the time we spend together; photographing in the Studio, outside on location and then ending the day by touching on a little bit of editing. I’ll be releasing the date of this final ‘tester’ in the next few days but plan for it to be on the first weekend in May; whether it’s the Saturday or the Sunday I’ll confirm with you asap but spaces will be limited to a maximum of 6 photographers.

As always this is going to be free for those who attend as the only payment I ask for is brutal and honest feedback. Refreshments in the form of tea, coffee and maybe one of Mrs D’s scrummy cakes will be provided but when it comes to lunch we’ll likely head off to one of my many favourite haunts.

‘Photography Meet-Up and Shoot-Out Competition’
Also, I’ve got some BIG news that I’ll be announcing in the near future with regards to a “Photography Meet Up & Shoot-Out Competiton” I’m organising, and the date for you to keep clear in your diary is Sunday 6th June 2010.

Now, I can’t reveal anymore about the competition and what it entails at this stage but what I can tell you is that there will be some  awesome prizes for the overall winner. I’m in the middle of negotiating more prizes but at the moment one that I’m real excited about is a Photography Book signed by the Author and personally made out to the winner. Now, this is a book that I’ve raved about recently and that has made a massive impact on my business life so I’m guessing just by me saying that, you’ve got an incling as to what it could be.

More later,
Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Keith

    How many places will there be on the Workshop Tester Glyn

    • Glyn

      Hi Keith,
      Thanks for dropping by. I’ve now just this minute updated the blog entry saying that it’s going to be limited to 6 photographers.


  2. Keith

    I would love to attend so do i wait untill you say the day or declair interest now and see if i’m on the short list

    • Glyn

      Give me a shout as soon as the date is posted Keith and I’m sure it will be fine. Great to hear you’d like to come along. Cheers

  3. Jeffrey K. Edwards

    Glyn –

    I really like this image. Great use of negative space. Composition is unique – has just enough tension to make it interesting.

    The dog perched on the edge of the couch looking down is priceless.

    Lastly, the exposure and processing with vignette are spot on. I would at it to your portfolio.


    • Glyn

      Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for stopping by and for the comments. If I’m honest this shot was more by luck than by judgement. The photo shoot was all done and the kit was being packed away; if anything a good lesson to not put the camera away until the last minute.

      Thanks again Jeff; I appreciate it.

  4. Neal Hibbert

    Nice work matey, looking forward to both of these especially the shootout 🙂

    • Glyn

      Cheers matey. I’ll post the details re the shoot-out as soon as.

  5. David Kelly

    Hi Glyn. Just come across your site through your postings on Scott Kelby’s blog.
    Love the character photograph of Peanut. I think it has enough suspense to hold the viewer and make them more curious about what’s holding the dogs attention (another story in itself?). I like the unconventional white space too – I think it adds to the mood of the mono conversion. In a funny kind of way it reminds of a billboard advert; there could almost be a caption or speech bubble in the white space by way of advertisement for a product or company.
    BTW With most of the kit being put away at this point, was this captured just with the camera and the available lighting or with a flashgun?

    • Glyn

      Hi David, thanks for looking in. Great to hear you like the photo of Peanut which was as I say a real ‘quick’ shot; but then it had to be with the way he was moving around…lol
      When I mention about putting the kit away, all that remained was the speedlight and shoot-thru which I literally turned in the general direction and fired away; total luck if I’m honest 🙂
      Thanks again for dropping in and leaving a comment, all the best to you, Glyn

  6. Jon Watkiss

    Howdo Glyn, I have the shootout date already posted into my diary. Pen is ready for the ‘tester’ too, hopefully I’ll be able to make it!! Jon ;^)

    • Glyn

      Like the sound of that Jon; would be great if you could make it to one if not both and it’ll be good to finally catch up too. Cheers.

  7. Tom

    Hi Glyn, where are the workshops run? Thanks

    • Glyn

      Hi Tom,

      This particular workshop is going to be in Amersham, Buckinghamshire but when we ‘go live’ we’ll be going all over.

      Cheers, Glyn


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