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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 10, 2009

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Hi All,
Well there’s definitely an ‘air of excitement’ here at the moment and I’ve got lots to tell you about with regards to what’s going on now and what’s in the pipeline, so I’ll try and keep it brief and being a typical Virgo I’ll do it in list form…here goes:

1. September 20th … I’m running my very first workshop covering lighting and editing. I’ll give more details over the next week or so, but this is something I’m really excited about cos it’s ‘different’ … I’ll say no more for now ;o)

2. Podcast … Very soon we’ll be launching our brand new video Podcast on iTunes called ‘Insight – From concept to print’. This will be a regular downloadable series where you’ll get to see behind the scenes of one of my photo shoots and also the editing involved; again, more details soon.

3. This Thursday we start recording some more video for the website. The first video we’ll be working on is an ‘About Me’ video or Mini Bio’ and I hope to have this ready for viewing in about a week from now.

4. I now have a dedicated YouTube Channel which you can visit & subscribe to by clicking here.

5. I’m putting together a Facebook Business / Fan Page so all of you who are currently ‘Facebook Friends’ I’ll be sending out a message soon so you can take a look. If we’re not yet connected through Facebook, then please follow this link and add me in so as not to miss any upcoming events etc …

6. … and finally (for now atleast) I’m going to be be adding a custom Twitter background to my Twitter Homepage which I intend to have up in a few days too. Follow me on Twitter by clicking here.

So all that as well as Photo Shoots there’s much to do and so little time … all I need now is to ask Santa for a 36 hour day and we’ll be sorted.

Take care out there and I’ll see you ‘online’

More later …

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