Leaving Las Vegas

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 9, 2013

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Hey Folks,

Well I’m sat in the departure lounge at Chicago Airport ready for the 2nd leg of my journey home so I thought I’d put this post together.

You’ll likely be reading this on Monday and I will actually be back home but I thought I’d be super organised as today’s going to be “Spending Quality Time with Mrs D” day.

So, I’m going to keep this post short and share a few more pictures from the last few days in Las Vegas at Photoshop World.

Here goes…

Again a HUGE thanks to everyone who came along to my classes and have come up and said “Hi” and posted comments online since. Being an Instructor and teaching at Photoshop World is something I’ve always dreamed of so knowing that folks enjoyed my classes means more than I can say.

From early on when I first picked up a camera and started using Photoshop there have been folks I’ve looked up to and admired. Not just for their skills and expertise but for them being genuine, honest, humble, good people who’s priority is teaching others and the greater good of this whole industry.

Being in a position to now work amongst them and call them friends will ALWAYS be an honour and something I’ll never take for granted.

Yes they’re Instructors and Yes I am too but without each and every one of them I wouldn’t be writing this post.

With Joe McNally and Joel Grimes

With Bert Monroy, Moose Peterson, Corey Barker, Dave (& Marlene Cross)

I also want to give a shout out to my “Other Other BrotherAaron Blaise; just the most incredible person on so many levels. I could and likely will dedicate a whole post to Aaron and talk about how he worked at Disney for 20 years, Directed the Movie “Brother Bear”, worked on the Disney’s Lion King Movie and so on but for now I’ll just say “Aaron…thanks for an incredible week. It’s a total blast hanging out and I’ll most definitely keep to the promise of seeing you on your turf again real soon”

Ok they’ve just given the call to start boarding so I’d better dash but just to let you know later this week I’ve lots to tell you about such as new products, partners, some surprise news, my weekly video show and more but for now….I’m out of here 🙂

Catch you tomorrow,

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