Lighting Set Up: Soldier – US Military Picture

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 30, 2015

Category: General

Currently sat at Birmingham Airport in the Gate Room waiting for boarding and heading off to Tenerife so just grabbing a few minutes to add this post.

As promised here’s a brief look at the lighting I used for my new Solider: US Military picture which consisted of…

2 x Elinchrom RX600’s

1 x 175cm Elinchrom Octa

1 x 70cm square Softbox with Rotagrid

…and photographed outdoors at about midday.



I’m using the 175cm Octa a lot lately for giving a white background such as this; it’s quick to put up with it being Rotalux and the big advantage is that it has a small ‘foortprint’ so is great for working in areas where space is tight such as gyms etc…

The 70cm Softbox is another favourite piece of kit which is again super fast for opening up and the grid helps direct the light with little spill. In this picture it was positioned quite high and angled down so as to add shadows on the very detailed body armour…

beforeWith a little bit of white around around the subject it’s then easy to extend it later in Photoshop to give the impression of a much larger background…


I’ll definitely be recording some video for this picture as there’s a few little tricks in there I’m sure you’ll find useful, and I’ll do that once I’m back.

Right…must dash.

Have a good one and I’ll see you back in a day or 2 as I’ll be posting whilst away.


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  1. Ofir

    nice 🙂
    is the 175cm Elinchrom Octa a Rotalux? quick folding?

  2. p.g.manoharan

    very good



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