Lighting Set Up: Female Ink

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 27, 2015

Category: Photography

I was going through my 2015 files last night and came across this image from a shoot a short while ago at Cloverleaf Studio in Crewe.

I’ve already shared a Behind the Scenes post showing the lighting set up from other images from this particular shoot [LINK], but seeing as I’d not included this one I thought I’d share the set up for it with you today…



I’m a big fan of using Elinchrom’s Rotalux 175cm Octa as a white background because (a) it’s so quick and easy to set up and (b) it doesn’t take up much room. The same goes for the 135cm Octa which was used to the front/side of our model (Sarah Chrisp)  in this set up. When using the Octa as a white background, so long as there is a white area around your model, it’s then very easy to extend it during post production and make it look as thought you were shooting against a much larger surface; does that make sense?

Finally, to finish off, a silver reflector was positioned opposite side to add some light into the shadow areas as without it, they were just a little too dark for what I wanted with this image.

Anyway just a quick post for today but I thought you might appreciate another Behind the Scenes set up.

As always if you have any questions/comments, then please feel free to make use of the comments section below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Have a good one and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow,

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  1. Roberto Palmari

    thanks for sharing Glyn,
    I always like seeing the light setup and wide-angle shots of studios like this one.

  2. Ricardo

    Thanks for sharing Glyn,
    I’m about to purchase a new Rotalux octa softbox but I’m a bit divided between those very two, the 175 and the 135.
    My studio is not very large and I’m affraid the 175 will be difficult to handle, however I’d like to have the most possible soft light to shoot full bodies and up to 3 people together.
    Can you please share your experience? Which one do you find yourself using the most?
    Thanks in advance!! 🙂
    Kind regards,



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