Lion Photo I retouched but wish I’d taken 🙂

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 22, 2017

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As a Photographer I have my heroes; folks who’s work I always find myself outwardly giving a “WOW” wishing I could claim their picture as my own. I think that’s a good thing … keeps you constantly pushing forward. In my case I don’t know if it’s a negative side of my personality that I’m never 100% satisfied with what I do.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that I don’t like my work; it’s more like I’m happy for a short while (a day max) and then I’m moving it aside and thinking of the next picture and what I can do to push the quality of what I produce. So is that negative? I don’t know. I’m kind of glad I have that trait to be honest.

Anyway where is this leading? Well I was sat with a friend of mine a while back talking about ‘stuff’ when I mentioned that going on Safari was high on my bucket list. As it happens he’d fairly recently been on one and started showing me some of the photographs he’d taken.

One of the photographs he showed me was this one…

Glyn Dewis - Lion Before and After

Anyway long-ish story short I asked if he would give me the file so that I could have a play with it to see what I could do to it so that he would proudly hang it on a wall in his home; and so he should…I saw it as a great photo that just needed a little bit of attention to make it sing.

So this is what I came up with…

Glyn Dewis Photography - Lion

Those of you who follow me will know I love animals and when it comes to Wildlife Photography, Nick Brandt is way up there in my eyes! Beautiful work that oozes emotion so it’s this that I used as an influence or to use a phrase from what I hear is damn fine book, I photoshop-ed like a thief; CLICK HERE for shameless plug 🙂

Glyn Dewis - Lion

I sent off to Loxley Colour for a test print before getting this printed BIG; maybe on metal, maybe on some archive / aged paper I don’t know but I just can’t wait to see this hanging on the wall in James’ house, and yeah if I’m honest it feels damn good to use skills ‘because we can’ and not because there’s a financial reward; heck what is there better than seeing someone happy with a print!?!?!?

Last week I did a YouTube LIVE Broadcast and actually went through the retouching steps that I did to take the Lion from Before to After.

If you check it out on YouTube you can just click on links in the description to take you straight to the part you want to see; other than that feel free to click play below.

Catch you later,

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