London 2012 Olympics: The “very best of mankind”

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 8, 2012

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Hi Folks,

Going off topic today but having just been moved to tears, I simply have to share this with you…

Here’s a recording of an interview with Lord Sebastian Coe on Radio 5 Live where he recounts a conversation he had with an Olympics Volunteer whilst travelling on the London Underground to the Olympic Park.

The volunteer happens to be a Consultant Anaesthetist at a busy London Accident & Emergency (A&E) Department who was also working during the events of 7/7 and he goes on to explain how having experienced the very worst of mankind on that day and almost losing faith in mankind, being involved in Olympics has been an uplifting experience because of witnessing the very BEST of mankind.

The Olympics has been and continues to be an incredible event for oh so many reasons with still more days to go and then in a few weeks the start of the Paralympics. There’s endless examples of dedication, grit and determination, sportsmanship and inspiration a plenty but it’s the stories behind the games that are equally moving if not more so.

The Olympics…The greatest show on earth for so many reasons!


•ps Being a BBC recording this interview may not play outside of the UK 🙁

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  1. David Rogers

    There is indeed a rights restriction on this broadcast preventing showing in the U.S. but I happen to be on a location shoot which has a TV and Seb was shown in a piece about the “spirit” of the games with video of athletes helping athletes get to the finish or consoling after a loss.

    Perhaps it was part of the same audio, perhaps not, but I was pleased to see there was at least some recognition of what the games are about.

    Maybe its because they are being held in my home country, and perhaps Im a little biased, but today I heard nothing but praise for the visual spectacle of the games and the absolute dedication of the athletes to achieve what they do. I am so proud of my country and what it has shown to the world.

    • Glyn

      David, I’ve been really quite surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed the Olympics; didn’t know what to expect but it’s been fantastic for so many reasons 🙂


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