London Urban Shoot

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 21, 2008

Category: General

Well I must say that this last weekend was nothing short of awesome!!! 3 full days up in London for a model shoot – Friday spent scouting out locations, Saturday for the shoot and Sunday editing. The location for the shoot was near to the London Eye and Embankment London Underground Station … an area where we spoilt for great lighting, reflection, texture on walls and so on ….

The model, Brooke was an absolute angel!!! Despite the rain and wind, she didn’t complain once as we went from location to location and set up each shot. With me also taking photographs were two guys who’ve become real good friends, Mark Raffan and Mike Leach .. both great photographers from other parts of the country.

The main focus for the shoot was using natural light, but I couldn’t resist getting my Nikon Speedlights out for some of the shots. One of them in an underpass, I put a blue gel over the flash head which created the most amazing vibrant blue light (see attached image).

Anyway, I’ll post some more images at some point, so watch this space.


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