Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 6, 2013

Category: General

Hey Everyone,

How’s it going?

Friday already so what do you have planned this coming weekend?

Today I’m heading into London  and in fact at the moment of writing this I’m sat on the train heading into London Marylebone as this afternoon I’ll be on stage at the University of East London for a seminar with my friend, Germany Digital Artist Uli Staiger for Train to Create.

In the mean time I’ve just a quick post for you today which is more of a recommendation, and this is…“Make it today that you send of one or more of your pictures for printing”

I’ve said it before but there nothing comes close to seeing and holding one of your own images in print…it’s a totally different experience to seeing them on screen be it on your computer or ipad or whatever else you use.

To steal a phrase, actually seeing one of your images in print ‘takes it to another level’ and that is most definitely the case when other people look at it too. As opposed to with an iPad folks where folks will swipe from one picture to the next, when holding a print they proceed to move their faces closer in and away, hold it up to the light at different angles, really taking their time to take it in.

So make it today that you send off one of your favourite images for printing especially if it’s something you’ve not done for a long while or indeed…ever!

Talking of printing, Tuesday next week I’ll be flying to Edinburgh as I  have a meeting with Loxley Color; lots going on with those folks so I’ll be sure to keep you posted with that asap.

Right that’s all from me for today so have a great weekend and if you’re in London later on for today’s Train to Create Seminar, be sure to say hi.


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  1. Mark Power

    I read that as, “I love Prince!!!”. It all went downhill after Batman, I always thought.

  2. Maciej

    Superb that you are posting on this!
    I have just printed some of my headshots and I was sooooo very much boosted with creative juices that I could not believe it myself!
    It is just great to have them enlarged and seeing your own work like this.
    I couldn’t agree more, when I saw you saying ‘taking it to another level’, or maybe let me say ‘a game changing experience’ 😀

    Thanks! and have a great WE!

  3. Ash W

    Glyn, who do you use for your prints?

  4. Himeros

    I love your Iron Man art. Could you please do a tutorial on creating cloud of dust and flying particles in action scene? I know it’s easy but I can never do it right.

    And could you share your opinion on photoshopping well-known figures? I mean, in your case: Iron Man. Because there are some copyright fanatics in Deviant Art who insist that photoshop artists must never use any copyrighted images (celebrities & well-known characters) even for non-profit public display – unless with permission.

    Thank you.


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