Madeleine and Jonny

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: June 11, 2007

Category: General

Every time I go out with my camera I treat it as a new experience, with the intention of learning something. This was certainly the case yesterday as in the afternoon I was over at Paul & Jackie Daly’s house photographing their two children, Madeleine & Jonny. As this was the first time I’d photographed them, I thought it best to go there with minimal amount of kit and take natural photos of them playing in their back garden rather than setting up my studio lights etc.

I think I was there for up to a couple of hours and managed to take just under 200 photographs, of which there should be quite a few ‘keepers’. Of the things I learned from the experience, the main ones are that kids need to be kept involved in what you’re doing, so show them the LCD on the back of the camera so they can see some of the photos of themselves and also get the parents to do things with them and snap away at the result. It was clear to see that Paul is a great Dad to the two of them, as he distracted them by doing such things as playing football and picking raspberries, which made my job alot easier.

Just a small amount of work in photoshop done to the two images attached; namely a diffused glow technique I learned from Photoshop Guru, Ben Willmore.

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