MAKE GREAT PICTURES: New Book by Alan Hess

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 5, 2018

Category: Books

If you’ve read any of Alan Hess’ books (my favourite still being his All Access: Concert Photography book) then you’ll know his style of writing; conversational, easy to understand and effective, and that’s why I wanted to make you aware of his latest … MAKE GREAT PHOTOS

Alan Hess

With the subtitle of A Friendly Guide and Journal for Improving your Photographs, Alan kicks off with teaching the basics of photography and what he does that works so well is back up learning by examining photographs and discussing what makes them work. He then goes on to cover Light, Focus and Composition.

In the second part of the book Alan covers photography hints, tips and techniques in pretty much every situation; travel, action, events and people, focusing on the challenges that are likely to be encountered but also how to deal with them and get the best results.

I’ve already got a copy of the book and although I know the idea was for it to feel and look like a journal, it actually really does so credit to Alan, Dave (as in Dave Clayton for designing the covers front and rear) and of course to Rocky Nook the publishers … nice one folks!

I’ve also got a couple of books on preorder with Amazon as one of them I plan on giving to my nephew Ben, who has recently done his options at school for areas he’ll be studying towards his GCSEs and Photography being one.

Available on Amazon, Rocky Nook and well, all good book stores, I HIGHLY recommend this book 🙂


> If you use the code AHGREAT40 over on the Rocky Nook Website (LINK) you get 40% OFF

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