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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: October 1, 2013

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Today I thought I’d give you a look at some of what I got up to last weekend when I was teaching a workshop for Microsoft, and also show you just some of the results.

This was a one day workshop for the Microsoft Camera Club and was held at the Gareth Davies Studio in Wokingham; a location I’ve used many times in the past.

The day was designed to show the whole process from idea all the way through to the final edited, print ready image including the photography, lighting and retouching of what I call a ‘Portrait Full of Character’

I was joined on the day by my Buddy Dave Clayton who was going to be modelling which meant we had the fun of coming up with a suitable character for him to play 🙂

Of course this particular style of image lends itself very well to the comical, fun side of pictures but works equally well on a more formal portrait; the only difference being not going so far in the retouching phase.

Anyway much to the delight of the attendees Dave got into character as a kind of Geeky Nerd, for want of a better phrase, and we were up and running.

I also talked through how to make sure EVERY photo shoot is total success; sort of a formula I follow and a class I teach at Photoshop World called “Successful Shoots…Guaranteed!

Another aspect of the photography involved taking portraits of each other which we did outdoors using just one Elinchrom RX600 head, a silver reflective umbrella and all powered outside using my new Godox Battery Pack.

This picture shows the kind of images we were getting in camera all except for a black and white conversion in Photoshop, using my Invisible Black Background technique; the guy in the main picture is the one inset with the arrow pointing at him, taken moments later:

If you’ve not see it, here’s a short video I recorded showing how you can do the very same thing:

I had such a great day with a great bunch of people with differing levels of experience in the Photography and the Retouching side of things but ALL worked together as a team and produced some superb final images; a few of which have already been emailed through to Dave to add to his ‘My Life as a Super Model‘ photo album 🙂

If you’re a member of a photography group and would like to look at organising a day long workshop creating images like this, composites and more then feel free to drop me a line either by phone or email to

In the mean time that’s all from me so have a great Tuesday and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow; I’m off to Oxford to finalise things for this coming Saturday’s Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk and grab some breakfast 🙂


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  1. Edd Carlile

    Workshop looks excellent! Thanks for the reminder on the black background tutorial video…its made to look fantastically simple and yet is brilliantly effective!



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