Monthly Guest Photographer: Allen Ross Thomas…Coming Soon!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: July 12, 2010

Category: General

I’m really excited to tell you that this month’s Guest Photographer is Atlanta, USA based Music Photographer Allen Ross Thomas.

Now those of you who follow Zack Arias’ blog may well recognise the name ‘artisxposure’ as one of the photographer’s who were fortunate enough to have their work critiqued and raved about by Zack last year; and rightfully so as you’ll see in his Guest Post.

Allen’s blog is one that I check religiously, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that each and every time I’m stunned to silence by the quality of his work; even more so when I think about the incredibly challenging environment he works in, pushing both him and his camera to the limit to get ‘the shot’.

I was fortunate enough to meet up and chat with Allen over a beer when I was over in Atlanta last November and we’ve kept in touch ever since, so when I asked him to be a Guest Photographer on the blog and he agreed I was made up!

In his Guest Post, Allen gives you an insight into how he started out, what kit he uses and how he nails those exposures in some of the most challenging lighting environments, how to get into Concert / Music Photography and so much more…

If you’re not ‘following’ Allen and his work yet, I guarantee you will be after his post as he’s one of the most humble, genuine guys I’ve ever met and who also happens to be one heck of a photographer,

Enjoy 🙂

Before Allen’s Guest Post ‘Goes Live’ you can find out more on his website

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  1. Neal

    Amazing shot, the lighting is superb.

    • Glyn

      @Neal…Really excited about Allen’s Guest Post mate. I’m really grateful to him for this and the fact that he sent over a great selection of images for the post too; some amazing stuff mate! 🙂

  2. Rick Wenner

    Definitely looking forward to Allen’s post. I saw his critique on Zack’s blog and have been a fan ever since. I can really appreciate the quality of his work too, especially after my first concert photography gig this past weekend.

    • Glyn

      @Rick…Allen shares so much in his post about how to get the best shot in the most challenging of locations and with limited time too. He’s such a nice guy and like I said I’m made up that he agreed to appear as a Guest here on the blog.

      So how did your music shoot go?

  3. Allen Ross Thomas

    You are far too kind Glyn, but I thank you much and look forward to reading what I said ;-).


  4. David Kelly

    Hi Glyn,

    This is an area of photography that I really appreciate & admire. Capturing the essence of another artist performing in tricky light situations that you have no control over is never easy! So getting cracking shots like the image above of Alice Cooper is ace.

    I haven’t dabbled in this field since I was in my late teens / early twenties in Belfast (where there’s a great local music scene) so I’m really looking forward to reading Allen’s guest slot and will certainly be adding his blog to my list of regulars.

    Now do you think you could get a guest slot from a time management expert who can give me the few extra hours blog reading time I need each day, with this every growing list of mine? 😉

    Take care,


    • Glyn

      @David…David, I just know Allen’s post is going to be so helpful for alot of people out there as each time I go over the transcript of the recorded Skype Chat I hear another ‘gem’ of a tip. What with the information and the images he’s sent over to be included in the post I’m really looking forward to sharing this one.

      Re the extra hours in the day, believe me I’m working on it. I keep trying to convince Mr Kelby he should write a book on time management because I swear he has more hours per day than we do; atleast it seems like it with the amount he manages to get done 🙂



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